FutureGrind Revealed for Playstation 4

By Rebecca Smith,
Who remembers Uniracers from the good old SNES days? Players were tasked with racing a riderless unicycle around a track. Performing tricks such as flips allowed the unicycle to go faster. The colour of the track warned players of the hazards ahead, and long stunt combos rewarded players with a congratulatory message. I guess that a modern day version would be something akin to OlliOlli. Well, developer Milkbag Games has used a cross between these two titles to describe their upcoming stunt racer FutureGrind.

The world of Futuregrind is made up of grind rails. Some of these rails are blue, while others are a red/pink colour. Every now and again you'll see a white rail. Players have to navigate through this world on a grinder - a vehicle that looks a bit like a motorcycle with one blue wheel and one red/pink wheel. Only the blue wheel can touch the blue rails, while only the red/pink wheel can touch the red/pink rails. The white rails aren't too picky. The aim of the game is to get from the start of the track to the end without short-circuiting your grinder by touching the wrong rail with the wrong wheel. If you do short-circuit, it makes "a bit of a mess".


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Of course, survival on its own is boring. If you want to be really successful and attract Sponsor endorsements, you need to make it look good. Balancing on top of a rail performs a manual. Undergrinds are performed by boosting your grinder into the bottom of a rail. If you dangle from the top of a rail, you'll perform a Hanger. All of these grinds can be combined using flips to earn large chain multipliers. Chain your tricks together flawlessly for that elusive combo score.

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The game currently includes six environments but Milkbag promises that there is still a lot of work to do. What the developer has confirmed is that musician Bignic will be providing the game's soundtrack. One of the songs from the soundtrack can be heard in the trailer below, but you can check out a 4-Track EP sample here if you would prefer.

There is no current release window for FutureGrind but I can confirm that the title will be heading to Playstation 4 and that more news is promised in the future.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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