Destiny of Spirits Content Update

By Rebecca Smith,
Developer Q Entertainment is celebrating an upcoming milestone. Destiny of Spirits (Vita) has reached over 970,000 downloads across the world. With the magical million mark drawing ever closer, current players are being rewarded for their support by the start of a new campaign that began today (after the game's scheduled maintenance) and will end on February 11th.

The campaign will introduce a new SR spirit, Andromeda, and new Destiny Orb bundles, the latter of which are available from February 4th. The SR spirits Andromeda and Perseus have each been combined with the 500 and 1,000 Orb sets to create four new bundles. There is a maximum limit of two of each spirit per person as you can only purchase each of the special bundles once. Finally, the SR Drop rate for Neo World Summons has been doubled for the duration of the campaign.

As well as the campaign, title update Version 1.10 has also been deployed. A new unlocked continent, Mu, is available for players, but it brings along a new set of rules too:

• Consecutive Boss Fights
Two different bosses will appear consecutively in a battle.

• Dual Bosses
Two different bosses will appear simultaneously in a battle.

• New SR Spirit King
Meet your new best friend, SR spirit King, which provides the highest amount of experience points when merged.

SR Spirit King

Note: On Mu, seven new spirits and spirits, which previously could only be obtained through Hunt, will appear. Area bosses in the new continent can be challenged as many times as you want, and there is a chance they will drop boss spirits or Kings as rewards. The Mystic Boss, which appears when all areas in the new continent have been purified, can only be fought once, but you will receive the boss spirit when you defeat it (100% drop).

• Neo World Summons!
29 Spirits in total will appear: 12 SR, eight R and nine of the most popular Advanced Summon R Spirits with improved stats.
As a final note, Version 1.10 brought along some unspecified bug fixes and a change to the game system "so that status bonuses are granted when spirits that have already reached their maximum Limit Break level are merged with the same spirit."

The content is available for download now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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