Pro Farmer 2016 and Pro Lumberjack 2016 Revealed

By Matrarch,
Perhaps one of the most wonderful things about gaming today is that the development of games is only limited to the imagination of the developer. Whether it's traveling to far off locations in space, or playing some baseball in a local backyard, literally any task can be accomplished in the world of video gaming.

Last year brought us the release of Farming Simulator, which drummed up some curiosity and enough support that a sequel was announced for release this year. Of course, there can't only be one entry in this relatively-new-to-console farming-sim genre, so Bandai Namco has revealed that they have secured digital publication rights in Europe to Professional Farmer 2016. In Professional Farmer, you will have to "control a huge fleet of vehicles and machinery across a sweeping countryside - as you deal with the forces of nature and respond accordingly to perfect the yield from fields, care for the animals, and expand your farm."

In addition to this news, Bandai Namco has also revealed that they've secured the digital distribution rights to Professional Lumberjack 2016. In that game, your job is to "fell the trees and prepare the timber, to drive the machinery (harvester, trucks, quads), to control and manage the stand of trees etc."

Right now, the two games are confirmed as coming to consoles in 2015, though the specifics have not yet been revealed. As we have more details, we'll bring them to you!