PS Vita to Lose Some App Support

By Shadow Enz,
PlayStation has announced that support for the YouTube and Maps apps, as well as some features of the Near app will have support discontinued soon on Playstation Vita.

Regarding Maps/Near:

All features of the [Maps] application and some features of the [near] application will be disabled with the PlayStation®Vita system software update planned on March, 2015.

Functionalities of the applications will be removed automatically once users update their PlayStation®Vita.

The disablement of features will not affect gameplay.
Regarding YouTube:

The YouTube application for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) will no longer be supported after 20 April 2015, and the application will cease to be available for download from PlayStation®Store on 28 January, 2015.

Users can continue to enjoy YouTube via the "Browser" application, and will be able to access their YouTube data, such as playlists and channels, by signing in to the same Google account via the "Browser" app and on other devices. (
If you have more questions about this change, visit the YouTube app termination FAQ & the Maps/Near disabling FAQ.

SCE has not explained the reason for this decision, but many speculations have pointed to the cost of licensing features, as well as choosing to remove the dedicated support for continuously updating app APIs when companies like Google Maps and YouTube change their products with the times.

How do you feel about this? Do you currently use these features & apps? Let us know in the comments below.
Shadow Enz
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