Drawn to Death Announced

By Peter Stojanov,
Those little doodles in your school notebook are coming to life in the upcoming PlayStation 4 title, Drawn to Death, where blood and gore is the name of the game.

Drawn to Death

While appearing like a harmless kids' game at first, gamers will soon realize that this is a bloody battle of drawn characters represented as an arena shooter. From wielding fire-breathing crocodiles and flaming dodgeballs to jumping incredible height and firing slingshots and shotguns, the imagination generated from this game seems to be endless. It's not only the weapons that come from a teenager's twisted mind, but also the characters that you control are all quite... unique. The roster includes a killer teddy bear, a flying devil-guy, a scarred punk girl, a weaponized-Frankenstein and more, while battling in different environments, such as a school playground that a child draws out before you. David Jaffe, one of the leaders behind God of War, is on top of this game.

No release date has been mentioned for Drawn to Death yet, but we will continue to keep gamers updated as more is revealed.

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