Blacklight: Retribution "Icestorm" Patch Released

By Peter Stojanov,
After a successful year since starting its Beta on the PlayStation 4, Blacklight: Retribution gets a new patch adding a bunch of new content for gaming supporters to enjoy.

In Patch 2.07, there is a redone party system to help form parties more quickly and efficiently; after this though is the real piece of news, which is Patch 2.08, otherwise known as "Icestorm."

In "Icestorm", a Valkyrie class transport has crashed in a remote and frozen part of the world while carrying an armament shipment that must be retrieved before it falls into the wrong hands. This update will include a new map, weapons and other items focused around survival while battling in a frozen barren wasteland.
This new content update added to the patch is following the previous content that has already been released since post-beta, including: "Outpost," "Convoy," and "Rhino" and has been developed with the players' feedback, wants, and needs in mind.



Along with the patch, the studio is offering a free one-year anniversary gift of one free permanent weapon receiver and one free 30-day hero skin. The code is: XCLMNDBNLFIFMBBK

Not only that but when you log in to Blacklight: Retribution between 11/13/2014 and 12/15/2014, you'll get a free anniversary title "Original Gamer" added to your options. Help support developer Zombie into continuing to make Blacklight: Retribution an awesome addition to the shooter genre.

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