Just Dance 2015 Motion Controller App Launched

By MegsonGrove,
If you have been longing to play Just Dance 2015 (PS4) but don't happen to have Move, then listen up because today is your lucky day! Ubisoft has just launched a new app, named the Just Dance 2015 Motion Controller, which allows gamers to use their phone to play Just Dance 2015 without the need for a motion controller. This app will allow up to six players to play Just Dance 2015, and executive producer Jason Altman tells us why they decided to bring out this app.

We’ve always strived to make Just Dance the most accessible dance game experience on the market. With the Just Dance 2015 Motion Controller app, we’re taking that dedication to accessibility to the next level.
If you want to download this app then you can follow the instructions below, which talk you through how to download it on to your phone and link in to your game.


This app is free, and is available now on Apple iOS 6+ and Android 4+ smartphones. Will you be downloading this app and playing the game with your phone?

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