One Upon Light Announced For PS4

By Brandon Fusco,
A new puzzler called One Upon Light is on its way to PS4 from the developers at Game Lab. While the name might sound strange at first, there's some trickery behind it. "One Upon Light" can be expressed as "1/Light" or Light to the power of -1. These are all ways of expressing the inverse of light, which is darkness, the only place that your character is safe.

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One Upon Light tells the story of an individual’s journey through what appears to be a large abandoned science facility. You control the protagonist – a scientist – as he makes his way through the labyrinth of chambers and malfunctioning science equipment. He soon finds out that he is extremely averse to light: exposure to illumination results in excruciating pain, followed shortly by death. Through the course of the game, you will be able to uncover the mysteries behind the facility’s current state. At the same time, the scientist learns more about his extraordinary condition, and perhaps, even himself.

Throughout the game, you have to guide the protagonist through this broken down lab while avoiding light. The gameplay seems to require quite a bit of timing and planning to survive. Thankfully, you'll have a useful tool at your disposal to help you called the Shadow Echo. According to the video above, it seems that you can freeze a shadow in place by using this device, creating a safe path past obstacles.

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One Upon Light doesn't have a firm release date yet, but the developers are hoping to release this light puzzler for PS4 in early 2015.

We've got the full list of One Upon Light trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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