Rock Band Network has Closed

By Dread__Reaver,
Harmonix Music Systems has announced that the Rock Band Network, a service allowing musicians and music labels to publish tracks for the Rock Band series (including Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3), has been discontinued. As such, there will be no further music releases on the Network, and there are no plans for it to resume. Harmonix has attributed the shutdown to insurmountable difficulties (both technical and business in nature) faced since the closing of their official DLC pipeline in February 2013.

As the company is no longer allowing submissions to the service, access to the "Creator" tool and the RBN forums have been disabled, and there is no longer any way to create an account. Songs that were awaiting publishing will not be released. Content creators may examine the Program Terms here, and get information regarding Royalty here. Those with other unresolved issues are advised to contact Harmonix via email at here.

So what does that mean for Rock Band players? Those who have previously purchased any tracks in the Rock Band Network library (which at final count consisted of 2,121 individual songs) can rest easy in the knowledge that they will still have access to them. In addition, those tracks will still be available for purchase.

On whether this is the end for Rock Band franchise, the company states that "Rock Band remains a huge part of the culture here at Harmonix, and there’s not a day that goes by where someone in the office isn't talking about Rock Band, or planning for the future of the franchise".