F1 2014 Singapore Hot Lap Video

By Matrarch,
Since revealing that they were busy at work on F1 2014, developer Codemasters has made sure to take time to take us on a tour around the tracks that will feature in the title. So far, we've seen hot laps in Bahrain, Austria, Belgium, and Sochi. Today, the world tour continues as we take a trip to Singapore.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit, featuring 23-turns and night-time driving, is the longest of the F1 season. The F1 2014 team has released a video showing Romain Grosjean "taking on the Marina Bay Street circuit in his Lotus E22."

The developer also released the box art and a number of screens for the upcoming racer.
Pack Shot

F1 2014 9/19/14 Screen 2

F1 2014 9/19/14 Screen 3

F1 2014 9/19/14 Screen 4

F1 2014 9/19/14 Screen 5

F1 2014 9/19/14 Screen 6

F1 2014 9/19/14 Screen 7

F1 2014 9/19/14 Screen 8

F1 2014 will approach the starting line on October 17th for Europe and October 21st for North America.

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