Team 17 Announces Beyond Eyes

By Ashley Woodcock,
Game developer Team 17, the minds behind the likes of the Alien Breed and Worms series, are teaming up with an independent developer, tiger & squid, who are based in the Netherlands, to bring us a new game full of exploration to consoles: Beyond Eyes.
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Beyond Eyes will focus on a girl called Rae who is blind after being in an unspecified accident that unfortunately left her traumatized. Rae will need to use her remaining senses to visualize and navigate the world around her. Despite being blind, the loss of sight doesn't stop Rae going on an adventure to find her much-loved feline companion, Nani, who has gone missing. Players will need to help Rae through the "beautiful world" on offer, protect her from the dangers of the world, and reunite her with her long-lost best friend.
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The partnership between the indie developer and the experienced team of Team 17 will allow for the tiger & squid team to unleash their full creative potential on the upcoming title. The indie team's developer, Sherida Halatoe, is understandably excited about the opportunity to work with the industry veterans:

I'm super excited to be part of Team17's Partner Program because it gives me the opportunity to create the best version of Beyond Eyes possible, allowing me complete creative freedom while having Team17's experienced support network in place. One of the great things about Team17 is that they love and support games in all shapes and sizes, providing all the feedback and help that the individual partners might need.
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Debbie Bestwick is the Managing Director of Team 17 and is very complimenting of Sherida. She goes on to add:

Both myself and everyone at Team17 are ecstatic that tiger & squid have joined our Indie Partnership Program! Sherida is incredibly talented and Beyond Eyes is as beautiful as it is touching. We can’t wait for you to play it.
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Beyond Eyes is scheduled for a 2015 release, but to which consoles is yet to be confirmed.

We've got the full list of Beyond Eyes trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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