Metal Gear Solid Delta currently looks like a PS5 tech demo

Metal Gear Solid Delta showed off some Unreal Engine 5 footage as an early peek at the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake's PS5 development.

Metal Gear Solid Delta currently looks like a PS5 tech demo
Lee Brady

Opinion by Lee Brady


Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater trophies seem likely to be quite a long way off, if the recent Metal Gear Solid Delta Unreal Engine 5 sneak peek is anything to go by. While the footage shows the game up and running in-engine, there's very little gameplay or cinematic elements to speak of, suggesting it'll be a while yet before Metal Gear Solid Delta will be in anybody's library of PS5 games.


Metal Gear Solid 3 PS5 remake has a long way to go

A first look at Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater was unveiled during the Xbox Partner Preview on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, showing us a lot of footage of Naked Snake crawling around in the jungle and aiming a gun at clueless guards. The clips were pretty basic, but it does indeed look like Metal Gear Solid 3's twisty levels have been polished up with glossy Unreal Engine 5 graphics. It might even be impressive if this wasn't exactly the kind of thing fans and modders upload to Youtube for free all the time.
As I was watching the footage, I couldn't stop my mind from drifting back to Metal Gear Solid 3's 2004 Tokyo Game Show story trailer (embedded below). With the recent release of Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1 for PS5 and PS4, I had the chance to revisit this classic trailer and found myself stunned watching it. I was struck that even today, in 2023, it could still give me shivers.

In many ways, this 2004 trailer is kind of goofy. So much of its opening is shot after shot of Naked Snake getting absolutely pummelled. Whether he's being tortured, using a splint to aid a fractured bone, or getting tossed around by The Boss, it's just non-stop agony for this guy. After a while, there's nothing you can do but laugh — it's ridiculous watching this guy take an arrow to the knee and half-drown on top of all the other violence he endures.
Yet, when the trailer hits that title drop and you see Naked Snake and The Boss facing each other down in the iconic field of their final battle, you feel it. I don't even think you need to have played the game itself to feel it, and I certainly don't think the dated graphics impact it at all. Taking in this cinematography as the score settles and the violence dies down for just a moment — it really leaves a striking impression on the viewer. It communicates that Metal Gear Solid 3 might actually be about something.

As Metal Gear Solid Delta's first look trailer unravels, I find myself revisiting this old trailer in my mind simply because that's where I have to go to feel something about a Metal Gear Solid 3 trailer. I can't just watch Snake walking around a forest, bear witness to some blandly beautiful Unreal Engine 5 assets, and applaud — my nostalgia is not so easily won.
The new trailer reminds me of something we might see a few years out from the release of a new console — the kind a developer deploys to convince you that someday "these graphics will be possible." It's like that, except I already know these graphics are possible, and graphical fidelity alone means virtually nothing to me anymore. I need to see some content — some proof that this development team aren't just going to run roughshod over a game as beloved as Metal Gear Solid 3.

Otherwise, what's the difference between watching this first look and some AI-fabricated trailer? If this is all the game is right now, then I'd rather the developers just keep their heads down and focus on showing us some actual gameplay. Come back when there's something to feel, and if you're looking for inspiration, just watch that old Metal Gear Solid 3 trailer. If you can leave even a fraction of the impression that trailer leaves, then we at least have a project worth thinking about.
In the meantime, Metal Gear fans have plenty on their plate, as Metal Gear Solid 3 just arrived on PS5 and PS4 with one of the hardest platinum trophies in the series. Having seen the new Unreal Engine 5 trailer, are you any more convinced by Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater? Let us know in the comments below.
Written by Lee Brady
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