Don't miss the latest PS5 and Sony news — September 17, 2023

Here's your latest PlayStation news round-up for all those happening headlines and slick stories involving PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Don't miss the latest PS5 and Sony news — September 17, 2023
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


In our latest PlayStation news round-up, the TrueTrophies team has been working around the clock to deliver all of those important PlayStation stories and hot-takes, even with Staff Writer Sean off all week playing Baldur's Gate 3! He's the guy who usually covers Tomb Raider by the way, so if you're wondering why we haven't mentioned those remastered Tomb Raider trophies yet, that's why. Catch up on all the non-Tomb Raider-related news from the week below!


PS Plus September 2023


Saints Row PS Plus


Unity PS5


PS2 PS Plus

Friday and the Weekend

Spider-Man Black Suit

Written by Lee Brady
Staff Writer Lee keeps one eye on the future (Marvel's Spider-Man 2), one eye on the past (PS Plus Premium, recent Sony news), and his secret third eye on the junk he really likes (Sonic Superstars, Final Fantasy XVI). Then he uses his big mouth to blurt out long-winded opinions about video games.
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