Every Spider-Man 2 villain you'll face in Sony's big PS5 sequel

Curious to know what you'll be up against in Insomniac Games' latest PS5 exclusive? This list containing every Marvel's Spider-Man 2 villain should help.

Every Spider-Man 2 villain you'll face in Sony's big PS5 sequel
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


If you want to own all those Marvel's Spider-Man 2 trophies, then you'll want every Spider-Man 2 villain ahead of time to make sure you have the advantage. Whether they're returning from previous titles or making their debut in this frontrunner on the best PS5 games, you'll find every villain in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 listed below.

New Spider-Man 2 villains — from Venom to Kraven

Before we jump in, this list comes with a general spoiler warning, as some villains are revealed as twists for certain storylines and missions. Some of the big players you'll already know about, but the game has a surprising number of side stories and villains to keep track of. So, if you'd rather go in blind, maybe check back on this list after you've beaten Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and let us know who your favorite was!


If you've seen any of the trailers or marketing material whatsoever, it should come as no surprise to you at this point that Marvel's Spider-Man 2's central antagonist will be Venom. The symbiote was teased at the end of the first game, and the latest trailers have given us a good long look at what the brute will look like when fully bonded with on-again off-again Spider-Man villain Harry Osborn.

While not always an out-and-out villain, Venom will definitely play a pivotal role in messing up Spider-Man's world in the upcoming game — especially when the symbiote bonds with Peter and grants him access to the destructive Spider-Man 2 Black Suit. However, these Spider-Man games are great at throwing twists at us, so don't be too surprised if Peter and Harry aren't the only ones to receive Venom's power.

Spider-Man 2 villainsKraven and his beastly arms.

Kraven the Hunter

Despite being one of the original Sinister Six members in the comics, Kraven the Hunter failed to make an appearance in Marvel's Spider-Man alongside the rest of the squad, depriving fans of the chance to fight one of the all-time greatest Spider-Man villains on the PS4. Luckily, Insomniac knows how to spoil the fans, so now we have Kraven playing a very pivotal role in the PS5 sequel.

For Marvel's Spider-Man 2, in lieu of the still-incarcerated Kingpin and the now-disbanded Underground, Kraven steps in to provide the tech-enhanced goons — AKA The Hunters — that Peter and Miles will be regularly beating up all over New York City. Kraven's pursuit of The Great Hunt sees him gleefully freeing and fighting every baddie the Spider-Men have ever faced, making him a pressing nightmare that Miles and Peter need to stop.

Marvel's Spider-Man villainsOur best look at Curt Connors' Lizard yet.

The Lizard

Curt Connors could first be spotted hanging around in the post-credits of Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales, so fans had every right to suspect his transformed Lizard form to appear in the sequel. As Harry Osborn's doctor, Connors forms a central role in the story, and his sudden and forced transformation into the Lizard by Kraven prompts the poor doctor to rampage once more through New York.


After a traumatic incident in Marvel's Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps, Spider-Man's favorite cop friend Yuri Watanabe decides to take up a life of vigilantism — a life that happens to involve her point-blank shooting people to death to get results. Donning the new persona 'Wraith,' you can expect Yuri and Peter to butt heads over the course of Marvel's Spider-Man 2's 'The Flame' side missions.

WraithSpider-Man and Wraith


Masterfully introduced in Marvel's Spider-Man 2's tutorial, Sandman forms a side mission in which Miles and Peter must collect fragments of the scattered personality of Flint Marko in order to restore the villain's sanity. A family man who previously left his villainous life behind, Marko gets manipulated by Kraven to once more become the Sandman.

Cletus Kasady

Also known as 'The Flame,' Cletus Kasady is the leader of a cult organization and a one-time acquaintance of Yuri Watanabe. Comic book fans will know right off the bat that Kasady is also famously the symbiotic host of the terrifying Spider-Man villain Carnage, who briefly appears in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. This one has big 'stay tuned' energy about it and we're excited to see where it goes in the future.


A beloved fan favorite Spider-Man villain, Mysterio is central to one of the side stories Miles Morales handles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. In this universe, Quentin Beck has already been jailed and reformed for his crimes as Mysterio. Since then, Beck has teamed up with entrepreneurs Betsy and Cole to bring Mysterio back as the central character of the Mysterium — marketed as the future of entertainment. However, as with any Mysterio project, all is not as it seems.


This one's definitely a spoiler, but there's no getting around it — the symbiote Scream makes its appearance in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Bonded with Mary Jane Watson, Scream helps MJ and Peter work through some rough edges in their relationship as they bash each other around the neighborhood. It's a touching story, really.


Appearing mostly as a tease for a later story, it's no surprise that Kraven's half-brother Dmitiri Smerdyakov pops up during the game's lengthy run. Known as the Chameleon and capable of turning literally any Spider-Man story upside-down, this villain will make a great addition to the cast should a Marvel's Spider-Man 3 ever happen.


There's this dude called Darren who robs a jazz museum in Miles Morales' neighborhood. Needless to say, Darren sucks. Easily makes the top five most dastardly Marvel's Spider-Man 2 villains. Here's hoping this is the last we see of this guy.

Spider-Man PS4 villains returning for Marvel's Spider-Man 2

More than a few returning Spider-Man villains make an appearance in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, with much of the plot hinging on Kraven the Hunter tracking down many of Peter Parker's old foes and beating them up. Here's all the old baddies who will be make a full appearance during the PS5 sequel's runtime.

Mister Negative

One of the major antagonists from Marvel's Spider-Man, Martin Li — AKA Mister Negative — forms a central role in the sequel. Granted some limited freedom by Kraven, Li fuels a revenge narrative in Miles Morales (since he killed Miles' father in the first game) and, later, works to build a solution to the whole symbiote problem.

Spider-Man 2 villainsThe latest look at Venom.

Norman Osborn

Look, just because you haven't had the chance to beat the snot out of Norman Osborn yet, that doesn't mean he's not a major antagonist in the Spider-Man games. Osborn's mass production of Devil's Breath incites pretty much every major antagonist in the first game, and he's also responsible for letting Sable International tear New York apart in that game too.

While he's popularly known to become iconic Spider-Man nemesis Green Goblin in other media, he doesn't actually get to take to his glider in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Instead, he mostly hovers around, worrying about Harry's condition, and ultimately teases a Green Goblin appearance in a future game.

Dr. Octopus

Otto Octavius remains very much behind bars in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, though he does get a bit of a cameo towards the end in a conversation with old associate Norman Osborn. Looks like we'll have to wait until the next game to see Doc Ock back in action again.


Tombstone's name appears on the list of targets Kraven the Hunter plans to hunt down on his trip to New York, and he ultimately becomes one of Kraven's targets during the main Marvel's Spider-Man 2 story. That said, he's not actually a villain in the sequel, as Lonnie Lincoln reforms after the events of the first game and, thankfully, stays that way.

Marvel's Spider-Man villains that get referenced in the sequel

While the majority of villains from the previous Spider-Man games do make some sort of appearance, not everyone gets a dedicated cutscene. Here are some of the characters who do technically appear in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, but who mostly play background roles to the carnage unleashed by Kraven and Venom.


Wilson Fisk has been in jail for the better part of two games now, and this time around he's even more out of the spotlight than usual, keeping his influence low after The Hunters take over New York. Both Spider-Men make reference to Fisk throughout the course of the game, but the Kingpin himself never makes an appearance. Perhaps he's saving up for a big comeback in the future?

Marvel's Spider-Man villainsOh, Aleksei. Never change.


Aleksei Sytsevich, AKA the Rhino, has made two dazzling appearances in the series so far — why not make that three? However, this time around, he's far more in the background as one of the hunted villains on Kraven's list.


Max Dillon, AKA Electro, has still yet to achieve his ultimate aim of becoming pure, living energy — and who's to say Miles successfully cleared New York of all the Nuform that was left lying around? Well, Kraven, as it happens — Electro's only appearance this time is a brief glimpse that ultimately ends in his death at the hands of the Hunter.


Max Gargan, AKA The Scorpion, is just out and out a murderer, so it seems very unlikely anyone's letting this guy out of prison for any reason. Yet, that's just what happens, as Kraven lets him out and, promptly, murders him.


Honestly, Vulture's appearance in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 seemed the most unlikely of all the Sinister Six. While Octavius certainly promised to cure Adrian Toomes' spinal cancer, its unknown if he ever actually managed it. However, Toomes ultimately meets another fate in the background of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 — a trophy for Kraven's Great Hunt.


Look, if there's one villain who never fails to just show up and be a menace, its Herman Schultz — AKA Shocker. Sure, he's in The Raft at the start of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which will prove a lot harder to bust him out of that the prison he got freed from during the first game, but crazier things have happened. Sadly, the last crazy thing he does is fight Kraven the Hunter, who swiftly cuts him down.

Simon Krieger

The central antagonist of Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales, Krieger is a smarmy joy to behold in the spin-off title, and we'd love nothing more than to see him ham it up again from behind bars. However, he only gets verbal references in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and is never seen in the game's runtime.

The original Marvel's Spider-Man was easily one of the best PS4 games ever — have you checked out the sequel yet? Thrilled to see some of your favorite villains finally coming to PS5? Let us know who else you'd like to see Spider-Man take down in the comments!
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