Free platinum trophy bug brings 77% more players to PS Plus game

Stranded Deep's PS Plus player count exploded following reports that the game was effectively giving away a free platinum trophy to PS5 and PS4 players.

Free platinum trophy bug brings 77% more players to PS Plus game
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


Collecting all of those Stranded Deep trophies was once considered a challenge worthy of the hardest PS Plus platinum trophies list. However, this changed the second we saw Stranded Deep's PS Plus player count climb exponentially in the wake of a bug that gives the game's platinum trophy readily to any player.

Stranded Deep platinum trophy bug draws in PS Plus players

As Sean reported back on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, Stranded Deep currently has a platinum bug that unlocks the entire trophy list for players readily. All they have to do is play the game in co-op with someone who already owns the platinum trophy, and they'll find that the game's platinum trophy is now theirs as well. As a result, the ratio of PSN accounts who own the platinum trophy has shot up from 0.4% to 0.6% in a week — no small feat, despite how tiny those numbers look!
What's truly incredible is just how many players have flocked to play Stranded Deep since the news of its free platinum trophy bug broke. According to our exclusive data from over 3.3 million active PSN accounts, the game was nowhere to be seen among the top 200 games on our PlayStation Chart back on Monday, July 3, 2023. Then, all of a sudden, the game shot up to the 111th spot on the chart, boasting more active players than games like PUBG and the embattled Crash Team Rumble.

And now, as of Monday, July 17, 2023, Stranded Deep now hovers just outside the top 40 most actively played PS5 and PS4 games at number 44, seeing at least a 77% increase in players over the last two weeks. That means last week it was played more than Star Wars Jedi Survivor, The Last of Us Part 1 and 2, and even Astro's Playroom — the game literally installed on every PS5.

Stranded Deep platinumThe cold, unforgiving deep.

A free platinum trophy is certainly a draw, but we doubt Stranded Deep's rise in active player numbers would have been quite so stratospheric had the game not been made readily available thanks to PS Plus. The game has been part of the PS Plus Extra Game Catalog since it launched back in 2022, so PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers are able to access it handily. Plus, it was given away as a free monthly PS Plus game back in May 2021, so plenty of subscribers will already have owned a copy of Stranded Deep for a few years now.

It's just fascinating to see just how much of a draw trophies can still have on PlayStation gamer habits — it kind of brings a tear to the eye. Have you claimed your Stranded Deep platinum trophy yet? Or are you giving it a pass — we all know how controversial the easiest PS Plus platinum trophies can be here at TrueTrophies. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.

Chart compiled using gameplay data from 2.9 million active PlayStation accounts. Chart information is copyright GameInsights.
Written by Lee Brady
Staff Writer Lee keeps one eye on the future (Astro Bot), one eye on the past (PS1, PS2, and PS3 games), and his secret third eye on junk he really likes (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic). A PlayStation fan for over 25 years, he loves replaying classic games via PS Plus.
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