Street Fighter 6 platinum trophy has been temporarily discontinued

The Street Fighter 6 platinum trophy is currently discontinued for all PS5 and PS4 players. The platinum has also not been earned as of right now.

Street Fighter 6 platinum trophy has been temporarily discontinued
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


For those of you making your way through the Street Fighter 6 trophies, we have some disappointing news regarding the platinum. As of right now, the Street Fighter 6 platinum trophy is currently discontinued and unobtainable for the foreseeable future. Check out our unobtainable PS5 platinum trophies guide to avoid other gaming disappointments.

Street Fighter 6 platinum trophy remains unearned on PS5

The temporarily discontinued platinum trophy is connected to the tournaments that are held within Street Fighter 6 on specific times and dates throughout a given month. Unfortunately, July does not have any tournaments scheduled, meaning the three trophies connected to this specific game mode are not currently obtainable.
The trophies impacted by the lack of tournaments are 'Gazing at the Peak' (give a tournament a shot), 'Steely Determination' (enter five tournaments), and 'Dominating Like a Ninja' (win ten tournaments). However, something extra fishy looks to be afoot here, as the 'Steely Determination' trophy for entering five tournaments has not been earned by a single Street Fighter 6 player, yet 'Dominating Like a Ninja has been earned by a handful of players.

As it stands right now, there are no dates in place for when the next tournament will be held, meaning players may not see any next month or even the month after that. On top of the scarcity of the tournaments, players also need to be readily available when the events go live. If players miss them or can't attend because of other commitments, it will only further the time spent grinding out the platinum.
Over on PSNProfiles, you can see many users venting their frustrations with the tournaments feature of Street Fighter 6. Many users express how they would rather Capcom remove the game mode permanently and replace the trophies with something else. There are also users discussing how some trophy descriptions are not accurate and this makes collecting them far more tedious than it needs to be — this could relate to why the 'Steely Determination' trophy has not yet been earned.

It isn't unusual for games, especially fighting games, to have trophies connected to online tournaments and special events that take place sporadically throughout the month. Mortal Kombat X does this with the 'Living Towers' that aren't always operational, meaning many are left unable to earn the game's platinum trophy. While it's a pain, these game modes and trophies are likely not going anywhere for a long time, so, devs really need to start planning trophies out more carefully.

Street Fighter 6Chun-Li is about to throw it down with these discontinued trophies

I would like to see developers take the initiative and not attach these types of game modes to trophies, especially with how these trophies will become permanently unobtainable once online servers are inevitably closed. At the very least, I feel there should be other requirements attached to being able to unlock these trophies outside of the game mode, allowing players to earn the trophy even when these tournaments and other activities are not available. This would make me and many other trophy hunters more likely to engage with games that have these online elements, as we are less likely to be stuck with a broken or discontinued platinum trophy.

What do you make of the Street Fighter 6 platinum debacle? Disappointed to see that the platinum is currently discontinued? Is this a platinum you would like to try and earn eventually? Do you think Street Fighter 6 still deserves its place on our best PS5 games list? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!
Written by Sean Lawson
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