Final Fantasy 16’s platinum made easy — our top 10 trophy hunting tips

By Lee Brady,

Final Fantasy XVI's platinum trophy can be an ordeal to unlock, but our top 10 trophy tips will help you cut the grind.

Unlocking all 50 Final Fantasy XVI trophies can be quite the time sink, easily taking over 100 hours if you go in blind. Luckily, we picked up some valuable tips while playing the game for our Final Fantasy XVI review that can save you time and frustration, so check out our top ten FFXVI trophy hunting tips below.

FFXVI trophiesOur Final Fantasy XVI trophy guide!


You'll need to play FFXVI twice for the platinum

Before you even start collecting trophies in FFXVI, there's one thing you absolutely need to know — unlocking Final Fantasy XVI's platinum trophy will take two full playthroughs. Your choice of difficulty on your first playthrough has no impact on trophies, and I even make a case for trying out the game's easy mode regardless of your skill level in our Final Fantasy XVI beginner's guide.

However, to unlock the Fantasy, Finally gold trophy, you'll need to beat the game a second time on the unlockable extra-hard 'Final Fantasy' difficulty. So if you're not too experienced with action games or lack the time to play through a 35-hour-long campaign twice, maybe it's best to put Final Fantasy XVI's platinum trophy out of mind and just enjoy the game at your own leisure.

Ignore the side missions — for now

I quite enjoyed the story of FFXVI in my first playthrough, but I couldn't help feeling that my decision to also play all of the game's tedious side missions in my first run spoiled the story's pacing and energy a little. So here's my personal recommendation for players who want to unlock the platinum trophy, but also want to enjoy the game's story: consider skipping most of Final Fantasy XVI's side missions on your first playthrough.

Now, this isn't an approach that will work for everyone because the trade-off for a better-paced story is harder side missions — all of the side content will be made harder on your second playthrough in Final Fantasy mode. Personally, I think it's a fair trade, but if you're worried about the higher difficulty making some of the hunts too challenging, then you're probably best completing all of the game's side content on your first run.

MarthaRecommend you don't see this scene until you really have to.

In that case, here's my alternative advice: focus on the story missions right up to the game's penultimate chapter Back To Their Origin, make a manual save, complete the story, load your manual save, and then complete all the side missions. It's a little messier, but it does keep the difficulty of Final Fantasy XVI's side content down, and if you make a New Game+ save file after beating the story, then you won't have to beat the finale an unnecessary third time on your road to the platinum.

Unlock Ambrosia the Chocobo as soon as possible

There is a very good reason why I'm not advising players to skip all of Final Fantasy XVI's side missions, and that's because you will definitely want to finish the side mission that unlocks Clive's Chocobo mount, Ambrosia. Clive can ride Ambrosia in many of the game's more open areas, letting you cut travel time down considerably in both your FFXVI playthroughs.

FFXVIYour best gal.

Now don't expect to unlock your Chocobo too quickly — you'll have to wait until you return to Martha's Rest in the chapter called "The Gathering Storm," which is about a third of the way into the game's story. Once there, a new side mission will become available in the town called "Release," in which you're tasked with finding a brave Chocobo called "Whiteheart." It's yet another basic A-B-C side mission, but the reward is the ability to summon and ride Ambrosia whenever you're outside of towns and specific story sections — perfect for blitzing through the game's later sections on the continent of Ash.

Not all bosses count toward the zero damage trophy

One of Final Fantasy XVI's hidden trophies, You're Not The Boss of Me, requires you to beat a boss without taking damage. This is already a pretty tricky challenge, but it's made more frustrating by the fact that the game doesn't tell you that many of the game's bosses won't count towards the trophy. For example, the game's first couple of big fights, Jill and Tiamat, don't count. Neither does the Fafnir beast in the Greatwood or any of the game's optional hunts.

Final Fantasy XVIObviously this guy does count, though good luck with that.

We'll not spoil the full list of bosses for you, but as a general rule of thumb, only the final boss of each of FFXVI's action stages counts toward the trophy. We recommend earning the trophy against the Midnight Raven from the Greatwood stage, as he's the easiest to avoid. And if you happen to miss your opportunity to claim this trophy, don't forget you can repeat stages by using the Arete Stone at the Hideaway.

Auto-dodge nets you an easy trophy

Of course, none of the above advice will help you if you're struggling to actually beat the boss without taking damage! Luckily, this is actually far easier to accomplish than it sounds — you'll just need to equip one of Final Fantasy XVI's difficulty-easing "Timely Accessories." In this case, make sure to equip the Ring of Timely Evasion to have Clive automatically dodge incoming damage during boss fights and, with the odd manual evade to avoid wider attacks, you'll unlock this trophy in no time.

FFXVI guideDon't stress about the big numbers.

You can deal big damage later

To unlock the It's Over 50,000 trophy, you'll need to deal 50,000 damage when a larger enemy is staggered — a feat you might feel tempted to try and unlock as soon as possible, though I advise against it. This is actually a pretty simple trophy to unlock in Final Fantasy XVI's late game by drinking a Strength Tonic, firing off powerful abilities like Diamond Dust and Earthen Fury back-to-back, and swiping at the foe with your Limit Break attacks. You just need to put the trophy out of your mind until the late game rolls around.

Ability-related trophies sound harder than they are

If you're worried that you might not be able to pull off the moves necessary to unlock tricky-sounding trophies like Such Dodge, So Mega and Cold-blooded, you really shouldn't be. Again, I recommend waiting until the late game to attempt these tricks, although not because they can't be earned more or less right away — more because it's easier to find disposable hordes of foes to use them on later.

LightningPiece of cake.

The hardest part is really just figuring out what exactly each of these skill trophies wants you to do, so I'll help you along with some of the more nebulously worded examples. For example, Cold-blooded can sound tricky, but really it just means "kill three enemies with Diamond Dust" — no need to bother with all that Frostbite and Permafrost business.

To perform Heatwave Counters and unlock Packing Heat, you need to fire the Heatwave ability at enemy projectiles — I used the two Bombs that hang around outside Balmung Dark prison on Waloed, but you can find projectile firing enemies everywhere. To perform a Steel Counter and unlock Fistful of Steel, first equip Odin's sword with the Eikon's Dancing Steel ability, then just wail on a big enemy until you parry them three times — a Steel Counter is just the name for a parry performed with this ability.

Final Fantasy 16Heartily recommend Shiva's Diamond Dust in general, it's great.

The rest are pretty self-explanatory and you'll likely unlock them just by messing around with all the cool new powers you unlock as you play. As another side note, remember that you can freely refund and swap your abilities, meaning you're not stuck with whatever you've spent ability points on. The game doesn't outright tell you this, so you might think you're stuck with whatever moves you pick right away, but it turns out the game designers really want you to just have a good time playing Final Fantasy XVI.

There's only really one missable trophy

It's simultaneously very hard and very easy to make one of Final Fantasy XVI's trophies missable, so I'm going to err on the side of caution and warn you about it just in case. As you complete the game's various side missions, you'll eventually work your way towards unlocking Half Past Twilight — the trophy gained for crafting the game's most powerful sword, Gotterdammerung.

SwordYour mightiest sword.

To craft this sword, you'll need some rare ingredients: a Primitive Battlehorn, two Darksteel, three Orichalcum, and the sword Ragnarok. The good news is that if you just complete all the side quests, you'll unlock all of these ingredients automatically — it's all rather painless, really. There are exactly enough resources to go around, and you don't have to do any farming or grinding to unlock the final sword.

The problem is if you sell any of these ingredients, or the sword Ragnarok, you will have accidentally made the Half Past Twilight trophy missable. Again, there are only exactly enough resources to go around, so if you're the kind of player who likes to flog his wares at the end of every mission, you need to be careful about what you're giving away. For most players, it's an unlikely scenario, but you honestly never know.

WallClive's Wall of Junk.

The Final Curiosity is Chronoliths related

You might be thinking after unlocking every other Curiosity from completing side quests that the final Curiosity would follow a similar pattern — not so. I personally stumbled around the world for an additional hour talking to every named NPC on the off-chance they were holding the final collectible required to unlock the For the Hoard trophy; this was a tremendous waste of time.

As it happens, to unlock the final Curiosity, you just need to complete all seven Chronolith Trials hidden around Final Fantasy XVI's world. It might be too late for me to reclaim the time and dignity I lost looking for this trinket, but at least now I can live vicariously through your now time-enriched life by offering this vital piece of FFXVI trophy guidance.

FFXVI TorgalFinal Fantasy XVI's Torgal (as a pup).

You don’t have to stop petting your dog

Sure, You Can Pet The Dog will almost certainly be one of the earliest trophies you unlock in your Final Fantasy XVI playthrough — all you have to do is pet Torgal five times, and you're probably going to do that the moment the game lets you. That said, just because you've unlocked the trophy doesn't mean you should, for any reason, stop petting Torgal.

Hey, sometimes the best trophy-hunting tip is knowing what to do after you've already got the trophy. I mean, in a practical and tangible sense, you won't gain anything for continuing to pet your canine companion. He doesn't gain strength or become faster through the power of Clive's firm and generous pets. That's still no excuse to stop petting the dog, though. Just let your instincts guide you on this and remember to pet Torgal whenever you feel he deserves it — i.e. every couple of seconds.

FFXVI guideBecome the master of FFXVI you know you are.

That's it for our in-depth look at one of the best PS5 games — hopefully you'll find unlocking Final Fantasy XVI's platinum trophy a blast going forward. Will you be saving all the side missions for your second playthrough? Let us know down in the comments below.
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