BioWare affirms renewed focus on Mass Effect 5, Dragon Age Dreadwolf

By Sean Lawson,

BioWare confirms that it is dedicating itself to the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

While it may be a while until we hear any more on the next Mass Effect game or are able to earn those Dragon Age Dreadwolf trophies, we know they have BioWare's attention. Amidst a sea of layoffs, BioWare has confirmed it's putting all its efforts into the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. We can't wait to update our Dragon Age Dreadwolf PS5 guide with lots of new and exciting information.

BioWare is shifting its focus onto its two key games, Mass Effect and Dragon Age!BioWare is shifting its focus to its two key games, Mass Effect and Dragon Age!

BioWare sees layoffs after leaving Star Wars The Old Republic behind

The news of the layoffs comes directly from a blog post that BioWare recently posted. Within, BioWare discusses how it will no longer be working on Star Wars The Old Republic and instead will be passing the torch to developers Broadsword. Unfortunately, this does come with several layoffs, though, BioWare says these roles will have an opportunity to be redistributed throughout EA.

The most exciting (and more uplifting) news comes from BioWare affirming that it will now be renewing its focus on its two biggest and most iconic IPs — Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Dragon Age Dreadwolf is currently getting polished up and seeing the overall gameplay fine-tuned ahead of its release. Mass Effect, however, is still in the pre-production phase and BioWare is busy building the world and story of the next epic sci-fi adventure.
"As we look toward the future, BioWare is focused on being a leader in developing immersive, emotionally charged, single-player games, with teams primarily in Austin and Edmonton. This means a renewed focus on our two key franchises: Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

"For Dragon Age, we continue to build, polish, and tune an exceptional experience we know our fans will love. We can’t wait to share more on this soon. For Mass Effect, we continue pre-production with a core team of veteran storytellers who are bringing the deep franchise history forward in a spectacular new way."

Dragon Age DreadwolfDragon Age Dreadwolf could see an update soon.

BioWare putting all its efforts into both Mass Effect and Dragon Age is exciting news indeed. These franchises are two of, if not, my favorite IPs ever. The worlds, characters, stories, choices, music, and combat get me hooked, unlike many other games I have played. I just want to dive back into these fantastical worlds, see what characters return, what relationships I can build (Kaidan and Dorian are the best), and what the story will become. Hopefully, now BioWare is focused, we will receive more updates soon.

We wish all of those impacted by the layoffs the best and hope they are able to be redistributed to other roles throughout EA. What do you think about the news that Mass Effect and Dragon Age are seeing a renewed focus? Excited? Hoping for more updates to our Mass Effect 5 PS5 guide? Let us know in the comments down below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
Sean is a Staff Writer with a focus on the geekiest Sony news. He writes stories about unobtainable PlayStation trophies, the best PS Plus games, as well as RPGs and Fighting games. He is also excited for Tekken 8, Dragon Age Dreadwolf, Baldur's Gate 3, and Dragon's Dogma 2 to launch on PS5. Sean’s favourite games include Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, Tekken, and Persona.
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