Check out the best games with hard trophies in the new PS Store sale

By Sean Lawson,

The new Mid-Year Deals PS Store sale comes loaded with difficult platinum trophies to try and earn on PS5 and PS4.

To accompany our guides on unobtainable platinums in the Mid-Year Deals PS Store sale and the easy platinum trophies the Mid-Year PS Store sale, we decided to take a peek at some of the harder platinums to earn in the sale. So, we've selected a handful of awesome games with difficult trophies to earn in the latest PS Store sale.

Snap up these hard trophies at a discounted price while you can!Snap up these hard trophies at a discounted price while you can!

Batman Arkham Collection

Name Length Difficulty
Batman Arkham Asylum 25-35 hours icon
Batman Arkham City 60-70 hours icon
Batman Arkham Knight 40-50 hours icon
The Batman Arkham Collection is currently on sale at a reduced price in the current PS Store sale and comes with three platinum trophies to earn, all of which are pretty difficult. However, for this list, we are going to be looking at the Batman Arkham City trophies in particular, as these have proven to be the most challenging and intimidating of the trilogy. The platinum trophy currently has an overall completion rate of 0.60% on PSN.

Batman Arkham City should take around 60 hours to platinum, there is one missable trophy and no difficulty-related trophies. The missable trophy is called 'Catch' and asks you to throw a Batarang at a stranger lurking in the shadows during the side quest "Watcher in the Wings." You will have five attempts and if you miss the opportunity, then you will need to start a new game (something you need to do for the platinum anyway).

The challenging aspect of Batman Arkham City comes with having to complete pretty much everything the game has to offer (story, side missions, new game plus, Riddler challenges, collectibles, upgrades, and more), all of which have to be done as Batman. Doing this will unlock the gold trophy 'Perfect Knight Day 2,' which currently has a completion rate of 0.80% on PSN. Then you have the silver trophy 'Campaign Gold' which tasks you with earning all 108 campaign medals as Batman, ouch. We wish you good luck on this lengthy adventure.

Wolfenstein Alt History Collection

Name Length Difficulty
Wolfenstein The New Order 20-30 hours icon
Wolfenstein The Old Blood 10-20 hours icon
Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus 50-60 hours icon
Wolfenstein Youngblood 40-50 hours icon
Wolfenstein Alt History Collection bundles up four incredible action games, that will see you painting the floors red with blood. Barring Wolfenstein Youngblood, all of the games in this bundle provide brutal and punishing platinum trophies to earn. However, none may be as harsh as the Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus platinum. The platinum trophy 'The New Colossus' currently has a completion rate of 0.10% on PSN.

So, what about the Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus trophies is difficult? Well let's pick apart some of the trophies, shall we? 'Mein leben' (beat the game of hardest difficulty), 'Max all perks' (self-explanatory), 'Hard Headed' (collect 1000 helmets), and an abundance of collectible trophies. Wolfenstein 2's hardest difficulty setting is vicious and will require an iron will to make it through. Good luck.


Name Length Difficulty
Prototype 50-60 hours icon
We added Prototype 2 to our easiest trophies in the Mid-Year Deals sale, sadly, we are unable to do the same for its predecessor. The Prototype trophies are no joke and will take many hours to work through in order to earn the platinum trophy. Prototype's platinum trophy currently sits with an overall completion rate of 0.60% on PSN.

It looks like the trophies 'Revenge Revisited' (beat the game on hard), 'Trail Of Corpses' (kill 53,596 infected), 'Streetwise' (collect all Landmark collectibles scattered across New York City), and 'Pt' (achieve a Platinum Medal in all Events) are the real platinum killers amongst this trophy list. So, you can expect a lot of grinding, frustration, and banging your head against in the wall if you attempt to earn this platinum trophy.

That's our picks for some of the hardest platinums trophies to try and earn in the current PS Store sale. Are there any other games you think could join this list? Let us know in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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