Persona 3 Reload seems like the worst version of the JRPG

Opinion by Sean Lawson,

Persona 3 Reload will be missing all of the extra content of FES and Persona 3 Portable.

We've been excited for Persona 3 Reload for a long time, following the rumors down every rabbit hole to get just a taste of what to expect. Now, sadly, the hype for the Persona 3 Remake has taken a hit because Persona 3 Reload seems like the weakest possible version of Persona 3.. Though, we still hope that the game will deliver and make it onto our best PlayStation JRPGs list.

Persona 3 Reload will not feature content from Fes!Persona 3 Reload will not feature content from Fes!

Persona 3 Reload will not feature content from FES or a female protagonist

While we may have been given the Persona 3 Portable trophies through a lovely remaster, don't expect that see any P3P content in Persona 3 Reload. Atlus recently told IGN that it will not be adding the extra content seen from Persona 3 FES or incorporating the female protagonist seen in Persona 3 Portable, instead, we will be getting a remake of the vanilla version of Persona 3 only.

Persona 3 Reload producer, Ryota Niitsuma, had this to say on the matter: "So first I'd like to mention that since the basic concept of the Persona 3 remake was to remake the Persona 3, we don't have the FES and Portable contents included. We wanted to really genuinely work on recreating the Persona 3 experience."

Why I am disappointed with Persona 3 Reload

I am yet to actually play Persona 3 in any capacity, be it the base version, the portable version, or FES. So, when I learned that there was a possible Persona 3 Remake in the works, I decided to hold off purchasing the game. I'm somebody who loves physical versions of games and trophies, so, it made sense for me to wait for a remake to release — seeing as all the Persona 3 games at the time had no trophies and cost an arm and a leg to own physically on older hardware.

Researching Persona 3, it was clear that FES was the one with the most extra content that expands the game world. If I was to play any version of Persona 3, my mind was set on FES, even though I loved the idea of a female protagonist which P3P offered. So, you can imagine my disappointment in learning that Persona 3 Reload will not feature any of these extra bits and pieces that I and many other fans will have also been looking forward to.

It feels like such an odd choice on Atlus' part to not include all of the content from FES, after all, Persona 3 FES is regarded as the most complete and definitive version of Persona 3. FES features a bevy of extra story and side content that ties everything together with a nice little bow. Knowing this content isn't included in Persona 3 Reload is such an underwhelming feeling, given I was expecting Reload to be an ultimate version of the game — why else would you remaster an old game?

Persona 3 Reload has fallen at the last hurdle it feels!Persona 3 Reload has fallen at the last hurdle it feels!

Persona 3 Reload has gone from being one of my most anticipated releases of 2024 to one that I am less fussed about — that's a crying shame for an entry into one of my favorite gaming franchises. I will of course purchase the game, but, I can't help feeling disappointed. Heck, I am more excited for Persona 5 Tactica than I am for Persona 3 Reload when it was the other way around originally.

I can see Atlus releasing another version of Persona 3 down the line, titled Persona 3 Reload FES. If this does happen, I hope it isn't an extortionate amount of money Atlus is expecting us to fork out. What do you guys make of the situation? Disappointed that we aren't getting a FES remake? Think Persona 3 Reload can make it onto our best PS5 games list? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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