Meet Your Maker loses 94% of PS5, PS4 players after PS Plus launch

By Lee Brady,

Meet Your Maker has lost 94% of its active PS5 and PS4 players just two months after launching on PS Plus Essential.

Despite the breezy Meet Your Maker trophies and our fairly positive Meet Your Maker first impressions, it seems players have largely moved on from the PS Plus day-one launch game. That's according to our exclusive gameplay data from 2.9 million active PSN accounts, which shows that Meet Your Maker has dropped over 94% of its players since its April PS Plus Essential launch.

Meet Your Maker player counterMeet Your Maker takes a hit after PS Plus launch.

Dead by Daylight successor fails to spark similar PS5, PS4 success

According to the active player data used to track the top 40 most popular PS5 and PS4 games on our PlayStation Chart, Meet Your Maker got off to a strong start when it launched as a day-one PS Plus Essential game. While the game struggled to unseat some of the best PS5 games around — like Resident Evil 4, Hogwarts Legacy, or fellow April 2023 PS Plus giveaway Sackboy A Big AdventureMeet Your Maker made its PlayStation Chart debut in 16th place (Monday, April 10, 2023), which is hardly a failure by any means.

However, Meet Your Maker lost a third of its PlayStation player share a week later (Monday, April 17, 2023). and by the end of the month, the game had slipped out of the top 40 entirely with just 26.98% of its launch numbers still playing (Monday, May 1, 2023). And now, two months on from its PS Plus launch, Meet Your Maker has less than 5.72% of its initial audience left and has slipped out of the top 200 most popular PS5 and PS4 games entirely (Monday, May 29, 2023).

While a precipitous drop in player count might be expected from some single-player games after coming to PS Plus, unfortunately Meet Your Maker requires an active online player base to sustain its gameplay. Much of the game's content relies on a steady stream of user-generated levels, with the main incentive for players to build levels in the first place being the resources gained when their levels kill other players. Any break in this cycle will have a negative impact on the game's content variety and its sense of player progression simultaneously.

The drop in Meet Your Maker's player count will likely come as a letdown for publisher Behaviour Interactive, whose previous online effort Dead by Daylight continues to haunt the top 40 most popular PS5 and PS4 games at the time of writing. Dead by Daylight also came to PS Plus Extra in August 2022, though its impact on the game's player numbers seems negligible at best — perhaps Behaviour Interactive hoped for bigger things with Meet Your Maker's day-one PS Plus Essential launch.

Meet Your Maker PS5Well, we'll always have 'Rome.'

Perhaps some noteworthy DLC can spare players from missing out on a future Meet Your Maker unobtainable platinum trophy. Did you enjoy the game when it launched back in April 2023? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.

Chart compiled using gameplay data from over 3 million active PlayStation accounts. Chart information is copyright GameInsights.
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Written by Lee Brady
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