All upcoming PS5, PS4, PS3 server closures and discontinued platinums

This list will show all upcoming PS5 server closures, as well as for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. When these servers close their platinums will be discontinued.

All upcoming PS5, PS4, PS3 server closures and discontinued platinums
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


Update: We have added Wolcen Lords of Mayhem and Memories of Mars to the list of games that will see their servers closed in the coming months. Check out below what games will be discontinued in 2024 and which platinum trophies will be made unobtainable in the process.
In order to help you keep track of what PlayStation games may soon end up with discontinued platinums, we have compiled all the upcoming PS5 server closures for 2024 and beyond. Make sure to check out our guides on unobtainable PS5 platinum trophies and unobtainable PS Plus platinum trophies to avoid starting up any broken games.

All upcoming PS5, PS4, and PS3 server closures

As it stands right now, there are seven games with platinum trophies and one game without a platinum that will be impacted by upcoming server closures. This totals eight games with server closures coming in 2024.
Below, we'll list each game that's due to be affected by the closures. Since the platinum trophies for all of these games are likely to become unobtainable, we recommend trophy hunters prioritize completing these games before it's too late. Check out all upcoming server closures affecting PlayStation games below.

Upcoming server closures and discontinued platinum trophies

This section showcases all the trophy lists that will soon be impacted by the upcoming server closures. Please be aware that the trophies in Friday the 13th FIFA 22, and NBA Live 18 are already discontinued, so you won't benefit from prioritizing those games even while the servers are still online.

Game + Trophies Date of Closure Console
Ticket To Ride trophies June 17, 2024 PS5, PS4
Memories of Mars trophies June 25, 2024 PS4
Super Mega Baseball 2 trophies July 24, 2024 PS4
APB Reloaded trophies August 2, 2024 PS4
Wolcen Lords of Mayhem trophies September 3, 2024 PS4
NHL 20 trophies September 16, 2024 PS4
WWE 2K23 trophies September 30, 2024 PS5, PS4
FIFA 22 trophies November 4, 2024 PS5, PS4
NBA Live 18 trophies November 7, 2024 PS4
Friday the 13th The Game trophies December 31, 2024 PS4
NBA 2K23 trophies December 31, 2024 PS5, PS4
Top Spin 2K25 trophies December 31, 2026 PS5, PS4

Temporarily discontinued trophies

Trophy lists that are temporarily unavailable can be found here. You won't be able to earn these platinum trophies until the servers come back online.

Game + Trophies Date of Closure Console
MultiVersus trophies June 25, 2023 PS5, PS4
DeathVerse Let it Die trophies July 18, 2023 PS5, PS4

All closed servers and discontinued platinums

The games listed here are from the past five months and will be reduced every now and against to stop the list from being overwhelmingly long.

Game + Trophies Date of Closure Console
Warface Breakout trophies April 30, 2024 PS4
Madden NFL 20 trophies April 15, 2024 PS4
Hunt Showdown trophies April 1, 2024 PS4
Armored Core Verdict Day trophies March 31, 2024 PS3
Dark Souls II trophies (trophy list not impacted) March 31, 2024 PS3
The Crew trophies March 31, 2024 PS4
F1 2011 trophies March 21, 2024 PS3
F1 2012 trophies March 21, 2024 PS3
F1 2013 trophies March 21, 2024 PS3
F1 2014 trophies March 21, 2024 PS3
F1 Race Stars trophies March 21, 2024 PS3
Micro Machines World Series trophies March 21, 2024 PS4
Rocket Arena trophies March 21, 2024 PS4
Gran Turismo Sport trophies January 31, 2024 PS4
MLB The Show 19 trophies January 5, 2024 PS4
MLB The Show 20 trophies January 5, 2024 PS4
Are there any games here you are disappointed to see have their servers closed? Consider any of these titles to be some of the best PS5 games out there? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings in the comments down below!
Written by Sean Lawson
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