LEGO 2K Drive trophies break down thanks to huge save file glitch

By Sean Lawson,

LEGO 2K Drive trophies impacted by save file issue that hinders progress towards the platinum.

Some of you may already be working your way through the LEGO 2K Drive trophies thanks to the early access perk with digital preorders. Unfortunately, a save issue that can see all of your progress wiped is currently plaguing LEGO 2K Drive players — thus making the platinum incredibly tedious. Hopefully, LEGO 2K Drive is still in the running to enter our best racing games on PS5 list.

LEGO 2K Drive save files are being wiped when playing offline.LEGO 2K Drive save files are being wiped when playing offline.

LEGO 2K Drive trophies are facing breakdowns due to a save issue

Reports of issues are coming in from all around the internet, especially on the likes of Reddit and Twitter. There are multiple players discussing their frustrations and how much progress they have lost due to the problem at hand. The save issue appears to arise when you attempt to reconnect to the 2K servers — which will happen after you turn the PS5 off or leave it in Rest Mode.

This issue will affect multiple trophies like 'XPerienced' (get to level 30), 'Crystal Clear' (mow down all weeds in the open world), 'Folk Hero' (complete all quests), and many, many, many more. With players having their entire progress reset back to the very beginning, we can only imagine how frustrating and tedious attempting to earn the platinum 'Tastes Like Platinum' must be. Heck, the platinum may even qualify for our unobtainable PS5 platinum trophies guide.
Reddit user Jomahawk2694 had this to say about the problem: "I was playing for about 3 hours, quit back to the menu, and saw I wasn’t connected to the internet in the game (my system was connected, just not the game). When I told it to reconnect, all my progress was gone, and I was back to level 1 with less than 250 in-game dollars instead of the 4K I had earned."

A silver lining to all this is that 2K is aware of the problem and is "investigating and will share additional updates as soon as they’re available.” So, hopefully, this problem doesn't persist for too much longer, though, we recommend waiting to play the game until 2K issues a fix. Have you experienced this issue? Think we could add it to our best PS5 games list once the save issue is solved? Let us know in the comments down below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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