Railway Empire 2 PlayStation trophy list has arrived

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Railway Empire 2 trophy list.

There are 56 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Railway Empire 2

Name Description
Still no friends? Collect all trophies icon
Apprentice Complete the first tutorial icon
Stoker Complete 7 tutorials icon
Trailblazer Complete chapter 1 of the campaign icon
Resistance is futile Complete chapter 2 of the campaign icon
Go West Complete chapter 3 of the campaign icon
A new Hope Complete chapter 4 of the campaign icon
Unstoppable Complete chapter 5 of the campaign icon
Track to the Future Complete chapters 1 to 5 of the campaign icon
Conductor Complete your first scenario icon
Engineer Complete 10 scenarios icon
From X to Y Connect two towns icon
European Union Connect 80 towns in one Europe game icon
Departure Buy your first locomotive icon
Seven at one stroke Replace 7 locomotives at once icon
A new Journey Activate your first train line icon
Full Steam ahead Have 50 active trains icon
Traffic Jam Have more than 100 active trains icon
Facility Manager Own your first business icon
General Manager Own 10 businesses in a game icon
Tycoon Own 25 businesses in a game icon
Country Bumpkin Connect one rural business icon
Country Life Connect 25 rural businesses in one game icon
Brainstorm Unlock a research icon
Three Cheers for Progress Unlock the entire research tree icon
Access granted Acquire the concession for a territory icon
United States Connect 80 towns in a USA game icon
Max Power Expand a rural business to the maximum icon
Let off some steam Carry out 10 sabotages icon
We brake for nobody Have an express train at your disposal icon
Going once, going twice, sold Win 10 auctions icon
All mine Win 100 auctions icon
Hostile Takeover Buy up one competitor icon
Assimilated Buy up 10 competitors icon
Locusts Buy up 25 competitors icon
Producer Produce a total of 10,000 wagon loads icon
Traffic Junction Use 8 tracks at one station icon
Way of Iron Lay a total of 1,000 km (621 mi) of track icon
All around the World Lay a total of 100,000 km (62,100 mi) of track icon
Poor Devil Achieve a company value of 5,000,000 icon
Bold and beautiful Achieve a company value of 200,000,000 icon
Mind the Gap Build a bridge icon
Right through the middle Build a tunnel icon
Bridge Builder Build a total of 100 bridges icon
Mole Build a total of 100 tunnels icon
Breaking Ground Found a town icon
Settler Found a total of 10 towns icon
Mystery Tour Transport 100 passengers icon
Travel Company Transport 100,000 passengers icon
Bull and bear Invest 10,000,000 in the stock market icon
Financial Shark Invest 100,000,000 in the stock market icon
Accurate Complete all tasks in a custom game icon
Call of Duty Complete 30 tasks in a custom game icon
Socializer Participate in a co-op game icon
Networker Connect 50 towns in co-op games icon
Together we stand Complete all tasks in a co-op game icon
Railway Empire 2 is developed by Gaming Minds and published by Kalypso Media, and is scheduled to be released on May 25th, 2023.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Rich created TrueTrophies in order to reward gamers properly for the hardest trophies they earned. The site has now become one of the leading PlayStation communities around, and Rich is just as passionate as he's ever been about trophies and PlayStation.
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