Fill the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom void on PS5 with these 5 games

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has hit Nintendo Switch with rave reviews — if you are missing out, here are five Zelda-like games on PS5!

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom hits Switch — so try out these PS5 games this weekend!Zelda Tears of the Kingdom hits Switch — so try out these PS5 games this weekend!

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom — the long-awaited sequel to Zelda Breath of the Wild — has arrived on Nintendo Switch with critical praise the like of which very few games ever see. If PS5 is your main console, then we have five games to help fill the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom hole — some of which are the best PS5 games available.

Will Zelda Tears of the Kingdom come to PS5 or PS4?

Despite being one of the best Nintendo Switch games to ever release, you will not be able to play Zelda Tears of the Kingdom on PS5 or PS4. Unless Nintendo significantly changes its mentality and becomes a multi-platform publisher — which is simply unthinkable in the present moment — it seems unlikely that this highly-regarded adventure game will ever hit a PS5 or PS4 system. You are in luck, however: we have our five best games like Zelda for PS5 and PS4 players listed down below!

Contributions by Staff Writer Sean Lawson.

Kes' pick — Horizon Forbidden West

Listen, it's not quite like Zelda — it's not as traditionally adventurous, it's much more narrative focussed, trades in fantasy for science, and the princess most certainly doesn't need saving. However, if you are looking for what Sony's leading PlayStation Studios can make in the open-world AAA space, sit down and start collecting those Horizon Forbidden West trophies. It is available on PS5 and PS4, though you should play on PS5 in order to get involved with the expansion Horizon Burning Shores, and the base game is currently a part of PS Plus Extra. So, why the Zelda comparison?

Well, it has a gorgeous and massive open world that our lovely lad Link would just love to galavant through. Post-post-apocalyptic America is so colorful, trading in the pastel-like vibes of Tears of the Kingdom for high-contrast hyper-realism. Aloy, our headstrong protagonist, loves taking a breath in the wild to recover from facing down massive terraforming beasts with just a bow and arrow and staff, making for an able replacement for Link's combat skills. We loved this game in our Horizon Forbidden West review and we think if you're craving a bit of open-world to pass the time away from Nintendo's leading franchise, then this is a great place to begin.

TchiaTchia is a wonderful; adventure game


Sean's pick — Tchia

While many of you may be quick to judge the collectible hunt that constitutes the Ticha trophies, we assure you the game share many similarities with Zelda — especially when it comes to exploration. We had a fantastic time in our Tchia review exploring the world of New Caledonia and unearthing the many, many, many collectibles was a treat and something that is wonderfully reminiscent of Zelda and Link's epic adventures.

Tchia also makes use of Zelda Breath of the Wilds's key mechanic — which you may love or hate — that sees you having to manage your stamina as you climb up and around the various landmarks and cliffs of Tchia. There is combat within Tchia, but we would say this is the least Zelda-like aspect of the adventure as you'll be possessing inanimate objects and hurling them at your enemies — not quite the same as using a bow and arrow.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition TrophiesThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition is a great Zelda alternate


Kes' pick — The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

You can now upgrade one of the best PS4 games of all time and play it on PS5 without a hitch. While Zelda brings dungeons, collecting all the The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Compete Edition trophies will bring you through puzzle-like battles with strange creatures from Polish folklore. Protagonist Geralt, in some (limited) ways, is like if Link grew up, was pumped full of chemicals, and lived in a gritty fantasy.

The world of the Continent is full of adventure at every turn, especially if you turn off all the HUD and try to roleplay a bit. Much like Horizon, we say adventure in a different sense as it doesn't quite have the hands-off feel in the same ways as Zelda — but the end result is the same. By the end of The Witcher 3, you'll have been on a journey that you know you'll miss when you are done, used the RPG systems to effectively puzzle your way through tricky encounters with creatures, and probably rescued a princess if you played the Blood and Wine expansion. It's one of the best games around, so get adventuring you beastly Witcher!

TunicTunic is a cute Zelda-like


Sean's pick — Tunic

The Tunic trophies offer you an epic adventure that shares many similarities to that of the early Zelda series. Get ready to solve a variety of puzzles, explore a beautiful world, fight a number of beasts, grab collectibles, and be a cute fox. Okay, that last part isn't very Zelda, but it's still a great feature worth pointing out.

Tunic brings an air of the classic Zelda games to life, rather than that of Breath of the Wild. The game is addictive and you can't help but find yourself getting lost in its world as you try and uncover the many secrets it has nestled up within it. We promise you, this is one game you don't want to pass up, especially if you want something similar to Zelda.


Kes' pick — Outer Wilds

Okay fine, it's set in space and Zelda's very much aren't, but, as with all my three entries, I'm going to mention adventure again. Why? Because that is what Zelda is to me. Traveling with Link through new lands, solving puzzles, and treading a fine line between feeling lost and finding the next area is a huge part of what makes the series so special. I truly believe that my space-fairing journey through the Outer Wild trophies is the closest I've ever come to that pure, unadulterated cocktail of Zelda-themed gaming magic. Zelda Tears of the Kingdom might be the current adventuring king, but Outer Wilds is a mighty fine alternate for PS5 and PS4, available on PS Plus Extra.

The universe is exploding in 20 minutes, so get up from the campfire and start exploring seven different planets with your spaceship, adventurer. You'll need to find out why an alien craft has exploded above you and where your fellow astronauts are by solving puzzles and threading together clues. Add in a very subtle narrative that makes you think about life, death, and rebirth that is dueting with an unbelievably classy score... well, you have one of the best games of the last decade! If that is not an adventure worth having while the Nintendo lot are playing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, we can't help you!

We hope this helps set you up on PS5 with adventuring fun! What do you think of the games? What do you think of the article format? Let us know all in the comments and we will see you there!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and other gaming news. He writes about PS5 exclusives like The Last of Us and Horizon, PS Plus news, and his favorite games — The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, and God of War — before an evening swim.
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