May's TrueTrophies Targets announced

By Rich Stone,
The month is almost over, so we're back and ready to announce three new Targets for May 2023

Please note: You can join these Targets now, but you won't start earning towards them until the month actually begins in your region.

May Target 1 — Which way is the Forbidden Horizon?

Earn 1+ trophies with "north", "east", "south" or "west" in the game or trophy name.

The Target tiers are:
  • Bronze — 1 trophy
  • Silver — 2 trophies
  • Gold — 3 trophies
You can find a full list of trophies with "north", "east", "south" or "west" in the game or trophy name here.

May Target 2 — Trophy Addict

Earn trophies on 5+ different days.

The Target tiers are:
  • Bronze — 5 days
  • Silver — 12 days
  • Gold — 20 days
Trophies earned in any game count towards your Target.

May Target 3 — May the Fourth

Earn at least 4 trophies in each game for 1+ different games.

The Target tiers are:
  • Bronze — 1 game
  • Silver — 3 games
  • Gold — 5 games
You must unlock at least 4 trophies in the same game for the game to count towards this target.

Are you up to the challenge? Can you get gold medals in all of them? Good luck to everyone taking part... let's do this!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Rich created TrueTrophies in order to reward gamers properly for the hardest trophies they earned. The site has now become one of the leading PlayStation communities around, and Rich is just as passionate as he's ever been about trophies and PlayStation.
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