PS Stars limited-time bobblehead now unlocks easy on PS Plus Premium

By Lee Brady,

PlayStation Stars' "PlayStation & Shu" campaign now has an easy solution for players with PS Plus Premium subscriptions.

PlayStation Stars campaigns added the limited-time 'PlayStation & Shu' campaign back in April, giving players an opportunity to add a PlayStation Stars Shuhei Yoshida collectable bobblehead to their digital shelf. Players would have to own or purchase an indie game to complete the campaign, but now PS Plus Premium subscribers can complete 'PlayStation & Shu' by accessing a free PS Plus Trial.

PlayStation ShuPlayStation & Shu & PS Plus.

PlayStation Stars campaign can be cleared by the latest PS Plus Trial

To complete 'PlayStation and Shu,' players have to play one of the following games on PS5 or PS4 before June 30th, 2023: A Space for the Unbound, Before Your Eyes, Neon White, Sifu, The Knight Witch, and Cult of the Lamb. Seeing as none of these games have been made available via PS Plus at any point so far, this means players have been left with no option but to purchase one of the six titles if they want to complete the campaign.

However, PS Stars collectors will want to pay attention to the last game mentioned on that list, as Cult of the Lamb was recently added to the list of PS Plus Premium trials. For those who don't know, PS Plus Trials are offered as a perk on PS Plus Premium, letting subscribers play a full game and even earn trophies for a limited time. This is a useful benefit for players looking to unlock PlayStation Stars collectibles, as booting up the PS Plus Trial version of a game functions identically to booting up the full game on PS5 and PS4.

PlayStation StarsThere's that handsome mug.

So, for PS Plus Premium subscribers looking for a quick way to complete 'PlayStation & Shu' on PS Stars, simply start collecting those Cult of the Lamb trophies via the PS Plus Trial and this bobblehead is yours to keep. Our thanks to PSSCollectibles on Twitter for spotting this solution. Have you earned the Shuhei Yoshida PS Stars collectible just yet? Let us know down in the comments below.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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