Dreams trophies show us the ideal way to end live service games

By Sean Lawson,

Media Molecule shows how trophies should be handled when the support of a live-service title inevitably comes to an end.

The Dreams trophies and their platinum trophy will still be obtainable after Media Molecule ceases support of the live-service game on September 1st, 2023. Dreams is regarded as one of the best PS4 games by its devoted fanbase and it's a shame that support is coming to an end for all of those still dedicated to this creative romp.

The Dreams trophies aren't going anywhere!The Dreams trophies aren't going anywhere!

Dreams trophies to be obtainable even after Media Molecule ceases support

The news of Media Molecule stopping support of its live-service title, Dreams, was posted on its official website where a lengthy post is currently situated. The announcement outlines the decision to discontinue live support, server migration, limits to storage space, community jams, events, and more. However, the most important section (for fans of the website) outlines what will become of the Dreams trophies once support ceases to exist — and for once it's good news.

That's right, unlike other games which have seen dwindling support and a whole batch of unobtainable trophies — which you can view in our unobtainable PS5 platinum trophies guide — Media Molecule is looking to make sure that you can still earn the Dreams platinum. Media Molecule discusses a plethora of changes to the current trophy list to make sure anything that would become unobtainable can still be obtained in other ways.

Early AccessDreams is a creative vision for those with the desire to make breathtaking games!

The quests, Creative Thinker – Welcome Home Theme and Creative Thinking – Ancient Temple Theme, are being removed from the game, both of which are connected to two trophies with the same name. Thankfully these trophies are getting replacement trophies and you can earn them by beating the levels 2D platformer Template and Ancient Dangers Template.

"If you have already earned PSN Trophies related to the above Creative Imp Quests this will not impact you, including if you have already earned a Dreams Platinum Trophy. New players of Dreams will be able to unlock replacement trophies. If you have PSN Trophies in progress in relation to the above Creative Imp Quests, you will lose any progress in respect of that PSN Trophy and need to complete the new requirements to unlock the applicable replacement trophy."

DreamsAre you sad to see support for Dreams coming to an end?

The three trophies 'Pop all the Bubbles,' 'Home Visit,' and 'Come Aboard' are all receiving modifications on how they will be earned. 'Come Aboard' originally wanted you to complete all introductory Imp quests, and now you simply need to enter DreamShaping after having completed the Camera Quests.

'Home Visit' asked you to reach rank three in the Imp quests of the same name, now you simply need to visit a player's profile for the trophy to unlock. Lastly, 'Pop all the bubbles' simply says that it will receive a "modification to the trophy description," so we will have to wait and see what changes that brings when the update finally goes live.

Early AccessDreams is a hoot and a half to play!

Despite support coming to an end, players will still be able to create and upload their own levels to Dreams, albeit in a much smaller quantity than before. However, this means all the trophies that relate to creating, downloading, and beating other players' creations are still viable and obtainable. If this function ceases to exist we like to think Media Molecule will still make these trophies obtainable in some way or form.

What do you think of the whole shenanigan? Are you happy to see a studio actually thinking about trophies before they shut down support? Think this is something more studios should start doing? Wondering if Media Molecule's next venture could make it onto our best PS5 games list? We would love to see a PS5 exclusive title come out of the woodwork. Let us know in the comments below all your thoughts and feelings!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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