Dragon Age Dreadwolf: release date speculation and news — August 2023

Here's everything we know so far about Dragon Age Dreadwolf for PS5. Are you excited for BioWare's next installment of the legendary fantasy RPG?

Dragon Age Dreadwolf: release date speculation and news — August 2023
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


Update: We've added a new article to the Dragon Age Dreadwolf news section. Check it out down below!
The Dragon Age Dreadwolf trophies — or Dragon Age 4 to some of you — are probably still a ways off from being revealed, but we are definitely hyped. BioWare has yet to confirm a release date for this follow-up to one of the best PlayStation RPGs around. In this guide you can find recent news, release date speculation, and more about Dragon Age Dreadwolf — make sure to also check out our Mass Effect 5 PS5 guide as well.

This guide will feature every news article we have written on Dragon Age Dreadwolf, as well as articles that centre around Dragon Age in general. We have also incorporated smaller news stories to keep you in the loop as much as possible — especially since the next instalment should be ramping up to release in the near future, we hope.

You will also find every trailer, teaser, release date speculation, and other BioWare-related news within this hub world to all things Dragon Age.

What side do you lean towards in the Dragon Age Dreadwolf gameplay debate?Dragon Age Dreadwolf main news

Dragon Age Dreadwolf main news

The hottest and biggest Dragon Age Dreadwolf news stories have been listed down below and should really help to get you pumped up for the next instalment in the series. You'll find stories about the recent gameplay leak, Varric's trailer narration, and more.

Dragon Age Inquisition!Dragon Age Dreadwolf small updates!

Dragon Age Dreadwolf updates

Small updates on Dragon Age Dreadwolf can be found here that will help keep you in the loop of all the goings-on behind the scenes.

Dreadwolf Updates
10/04/2023: EA has contacted Dragon Age Wiki about hosting a Dreadwolf trailer on its main page. EA also went on to inquire about possibly redesigning the Dragon Age Wiki homepage with Dreadwolf aesthetics closer to its release date — EA asked for the input of the fandom in the redesign. This seems to allude to a new announcement for Dreadwolf being imminent.

28/03/2023: Ex-BioWare executive producer, Mark Darrah, is now working as a consultant on the upcoming Dragon Age game. Most of the Mass Effect 5 team have also jumped into Dragon Age Dreadwolf to help get it finished.
Dragon Age DreadwolfStandard Dragon Age news

Dragon Age news

In this section, you can find news centred around Dragon Age which doesn't directly involve Dragon Age Dreadwolf. So far, we only have one lonely story that isn't all about the upcoming Dreadwolf game, but it does outline a possible Dragon Age Origins Remaster.

Dragon Age DreadwolfDragon Age Dreadwolf release date speculation

Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date speculation

If we were to make an educated guess, we speculate the Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date might be at the backend of 2023 or early 2024. The recent surge in staff working on Dragon Age Dreadwolf is a positive sign that a release date is likely to come sooner rather than later. We also know that Dragon Age Dreadwolf has been in the works far longer than Mass Effect 5, meaning it is bound to have more information cropping up soon.

We can speculate that Dragon Age Dreadwolf will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC as BioWare has released all previous games on these systems. For now, we can only speculate that Dreadwolf will come to PS5 consoles. Fingers crossed BioWare officially confirms which consoles will receive the next instalment in this legendary RPG soon.

Dragon Age DreadwolfDragon Age Dreadwolf gameplay

Dragon Age Dreadwolf gameplay

We've seen a brief leak of what we can expect to see from Dragon Age Dreadwolf's gameplay (you can find the article above in the news section). Unsurprisingly, the game looks to be steering even further away from the traditional RPG formula that we last saw in Dragon Age Origins. Instead, Dragon Age Dreadwolf looks to have doubled down on Inquisitions Action-RPG roots and hopes to provide something quite reminiscent of God of Wars' latest approach to combat. Though, we will have to wait and see what BioWare officially unveils in regard to combat.

Dragon Age DreadwolfDragon Age Dreadwolf companions and romance speculation

Dragon Age companion and romance speculation

There isn't much we can really speculate on here, though we can assume Varric may be a possible romance option seeing as he did narrate a trailer for Dreadwolf not too long ago. Though, besides him, no other characters have made an appearance. Obviously, Solas (who was romanceable in Inquisition) will be playing a major role in the game; however, due to his evil nature and the whole destroying the world mentality, it's highly unlikely we'll be able to woo this sinister Dreadwolf. Though, we won't say it's entirely out of the question.

Dragon Age DreadwolfDragon Age Dreadwolf trailers

Dragon Age Dreadwolf trailers

Take a look at all of the Dragon Age Dreadwolf trailers that have been released so far.

Dragon Age — official teaser trailer 2018

The Next Dragon Age — official teaser trailer 2020

Dragon Age Dreadwolf official in-game cinematic trailer

Here you can find a variety of stories that focus on other famous IPs from BioWare. Expect a strong focus on the Mass Effect series, specifically the upcoming Mass Effect 5.

That's everything we have on the upcoming Dragon Age Dreadwolf title. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments down below!
Written by Sean Lawson
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