Atomic Heart’s platinum trophy is still unobtainable a month later

By Sean Lawson,

Atomic Heart trophies are still bugged an entire month after the game's release. This has left the game's platinum trophy out of reach, indefinitely.

While you may have earned all the Atomic Heart trophies that you can, unfortunately, you'll be stuck with a few that won't unlock no matter how hard you try. It's been a month since Atomic Heart released on PS5 and PS4 and the platinum trophy is still unobtainable — with a fix still nowhere to be seen. It's unlikely Atomic Heart will join our best PS5 games list anytime soon.

Atomic Heart trophies are still broken!Atomic Heart trophies are still broken!

The PS5 and PS5 Atomic Heart trophies are still broken

The trophies that are yet to be obtained are 'Chemist' which requires you to craft all consumables, 'The Necromancer' which asks you to talk to every dead animal, 'More than Profit' which will see you hunting down every Lootyagins, and 'Triple Penetration' that requires you to kill three enemies with a single shot from the Railgun. Including the platinum trophy 'The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes' there are five unobtained Atomic Heart trophies out of the 42 available.

On top of this, there are a number of trophies that are just flat-out bugged but can be obtained. 'Lord of War,' for example, is a well-known buggy mess that requires you to be extra careful when attempting to unlock it. You have to collect every single weapon available; however, grabbing a weapon while your inventory is full will put it inside of Nora, which seems to bug out the tracker for collecting the weapons. If you are about to pick up a weapon you know you need to collect, make sure to make room in your inventory to avoid the headache of having to find a workaround.

Atomic Heart (PS4) TrophiesAtomic Heart trophies are a mess!

There are theories floating around that trophies like 'Chemist' may only be unobtainable for now due to the required crafting components being locked behind some upcoming DLC — though, that is pure speculation. Whatever way you look at it, the Atomic Heart trophies are bugged, broken, and unobtainable as of now. All we can do is wait for a patch to release that may fix the many issues present — though, as we said, it has already been a month.

This may be one of the most broken trophy lists we have seen in a while, and it definitely gives the majority of games on our unobtainable PS5 platinum trophies guide a run for their money. Have any of you started up Atomic Hearts? What do you think of the game, despite the broken trophies? Will you attempt to earn the platinum once you know it can be obtained? Let us know in the comments down below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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