Unobtainable trophies guide: Every PS4 game with a broken platinum

A broken trophy list with an unobtainable platinum trophy is the worst. We have compiled a list of all unobtainable PS4 platinum trophies.

Unobtainable trophies guide: Every PS4 game with a broken platinum
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


Update: We have added the Delivery Driver The Simulation trophies. Check out all of the broken PS4 trophies below!
While checking out the best PS4 games you may stumble upon some broken trophy list that renders the platinum completely unobtainable — which is a nightmare for trophy hunters. That's why this guide to all of the currently unobtainable PS4 platinum trophies will help you navigate the pitfalls of platinum hunting. Make sure to check out our unobtainable PS5 platinum trophies guide for more information.

There is a bevy of unobtainable PS4 platinums, discontinued platinums, and broken trophy lists without any platinum to work through. We have organized this list in a more digestible manner so you can easily decipher which trophies still have a glimmer of hope of being patched and which are completely lost causes.

PS4Unobtainable platinums and discontinued platinums

Permanently unobtainable PS4 platinum trophies

This section outlines platinum trophies on PS4 that have never been obtainable through legitimate means. Maybe one day the developers of these games will release patches to fix any pesky bugs stopping us from earning the platinum — though, we aren't holding our breath. You can also find the list of discontinued platinums due to server closures, bad patches, and unusual circumstances here as well.

Unobtainable platinum trophies

Discontinued platinum trophies

Soon-to-be unobtainable platinum trophies

PS4Unobtainable platinums due to bugs, soon-to-be-closed servers, and other strange circumstances

Temporarily unobtainable platinum trophies
These PS4 platinum trophies are buggy and don't usually unlock despite meeting the needed requirements. Attempting any of these games comes with a strong chance that the platinum trophy will elude you indefinitely. Currently, there is just one PS4 title in this section.

Unique unobtainable platinum trophies

PS4Other unobtainable PS4 trophies

Other unobtainable trophies in PS4 games
Here we have broken and discontinued PS4 trophy lists that don't come with platinum trophies. Starting any of these games up means that the completion percentage will never reach 100%, which is just as sinful as an unobtainable platinum trophy. You can also find PS4 titles with broken DLC trophies listed here.

Broken PS4 trophy lists without platinums

Discontinued trophy lists without platinums

Unobtainable DLC trophies

All PS4 games that have seen their trophies fixed!All PS4 games that have seen their trophies fixed!

Fixed unobtainable/discontinued platinums and trophy lists

A list of games that have seen fixes and updates that make their trophies once again obtainable.
Have you experienced any issues with these trophies listed here? Will you be making sure to avoid these titles going forward? Make sure to check out our unobtainable PS Plus platinum trophies guide. Are there any unobtainable PS4 platinums we have missed? Let us know in the comments below!
Written by Sean Lawson
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