PS Stars’ The Last of Us spaceship collectable blasts off today

By Lee Brady,

PlayStation Stars' limited-time The Last of Us collectable is set to disappear soon — make sure to collect it before it's too late.

Update: Once PlayStation Stars campaigns expire, they're gone for good, so it's your last chance to add this limited edition The Last of Us spaceship collectable to your PlayStation Stars collection. It's the perfect complement to your collection of The Last of Us Part I trophies and earning it couldn't be easier, but make sure to grab it before April 12th, 2023.

PS PlusGrab this collectable before it's too late!

To add this spaceship pin (it's named "Infected? Collected" on PS Stars) to your collection you need to activate the campaign "The Last of Us watch and play" in your PS App. Then, to complete the campaign, simply start up one of the best PS5 games so far, The Last of Us Part I, or one of the best PS4 games ever, The Last of Us Remastered. Do this and the collectable should automatically unlock and be added to your PS Stars collection.

Did you know this collectable is actually a reference to The Last of Us Part II and works as a tease for HBO's The Last of Us second season? Make sure to check out the original story below for more information, and let us know in the comments whether you managed to unlock this PS Stars collectable in time!

The Last of Us PS StarsThe Last of Us x PS Stars.

Original Story: The latest addition to the list of PlayStation Stars campaigns adds a reward for collectors of The Last of Us Part 1 trophies and viewers of the HBO series alike — though it's not one that either group is likely to recognise. That's because the latest PS Stars collectable is teasing HBO's The Last of Us Season 2. We'll explore what it's all about without spoilers below.

PS Stars' latest reward is Ellie's spaceship pin from The Last of Us Part II

Tying in with the airing of the first season finale of HBO's The Last of Us, the PlayStation Stars campaign "The Last of Us watch and play" rewards players for checking out the first game in the series on either PS5 or PS4 with a new collectable. Yet, the collectable depicts Ellie's spaceship enamel pin from The Last of Us Part II — a cheeky tease of what's up next for Joel and Ellie in the show's next season.

The Last of Us PS StarsThe Last of Us Part II's spaceship pin comes to PS Stars.

For those in the know, the spaceship enamel pin hints at a quieter Joel and Ellie scene from the second game — one that happens not too long after the conclusion of the HBO show's first season. You can spot the pin on Ellie's backpack throughout Part II, and you can bet eagle-eyed fans will spy it in a heartbeat when The Last of Us' second season comes around.

PlayStation Stars is absolutely spoiling PS4 players this month with collectables referencing some of the best PS4 games ever with both The Last of Us Part II and the Shadow of the Colossus remake. Let us know in the comments below whether you were able to unlock the latest TLOU collectable in PS Stars.
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