Resident Evil 4 PS5 demo refuses to change iconic original scene

By Lee Brady,

Resident Evil 4 has launched the "Chainsaw Demo" on PS5 and PS4 ahead of the game's March 24th, 2023 release date.

Fan hype for those Resident Evil 4 trophies is sure to hit fever-pitch levels now that Capcom has released a Resident Evil 4 demo on PS5 and PS4. The "Chainsaw Demo" not only gives players a taste of one of the most hotly-anticipated upcoming PS5 and PS4 game for 2023, but it also preserves what might be the game's most iconic scene in pristine detail.

Resident Evil 4 demoResident Evil 4 demo is out now!

Iconic Resident Evil 4 scene preserved in PS5 remake demo

The Resident Evil 4 remake changes a lot about the original game — enough for us to make a semi-coherent comparison between Resident Evil 4 and The Last of Us that perhaps overshot the mark a little. However, one important thing the RE4 remake hasn't changed is the iconic "Bingo" scene.

The Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo covers the original game's excellent, tone-setting, action-packed opening 'Village' section — including the nightmarish Chainsaw Man (aka Dr. Salvador). Just like in the original game, the demo ends with a ringing bell tower, the mass evacuation of the Ganados, and a cheesy one-liner from main protagonist Leon Kennedy: "Where's everyone going? Bingo?"
Leon's current voice actor, Nick Apostolides, does a solid job making the line sound a touch more naturalistic. Regardless of whether you think it's a change for the better or worse, the important thing is that Capcom kept the line in. The original Resident Evil 4 isn't just canonically a great game because it plays well — its campy tone and cheesy action-movie script absolutely played their part in keeping the game feeling fresh and relevant to this very day.

Here's hoping all the other ridiculous bits and pieces that make Resident Evil 4 an outright classic also transition to the remake as tastefully as the 'Bingo' line has. Let us know in the comments how you've been finding the Chainsaw Demo and if your hopes are high that this will quickly become one of the best PS5 games ever made.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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