Babylon’s Fall and more PS5 platinum trophies are now unobtainable

By Sean Lawson,

Three PS5 trophy lists are now discontinued, making any corresponding platinum trophies unobtainable.

Update: The Babylons Fall trophies, Rumbleverse trophies, and Just Dance 2020 trophies are now unobtainable — making the platinum trophies completely void.

Original Story: The time is finally upon us as the Babylons Fall trophies, Rumbleverse trophies, and Just Dance 2020 trophies will become discontinued due to server closures. The server closures will affect all the PS5 and PS4 versions of each game and make any associated platinum trophy completely unobtainable. This is your last chance to snatch up any outstanding trophies.

These three trophy lists and their corresponding platinums are about to become unobtainable!These three trophy lists and their corresponding platinums are now unobtainable!

Babylon's Fall, Rumbleverse, and Just Dance 2020's trophy lists will be discontinued

We already discussed the upcoming server closures and the soon-to-be unobtainable Babylon's Fall platinum trophy and the Rumbleverse unobtainable trophies. However, Just Dance 2020 is a recent announcement that will impact those of you on PS4 consoles and will make obtaining the platinum trophy impossible. Unlike Babylon's Fall and Rumbleverse, though, you will still be able to play Just Dance 2020 after the server closure.

If you have any outstanding trophies in any of these games, now would be the time to make a last-ditch effort to earn them and secure your platinum trophy. The only exception is Rumbleverse, which doesn't come with a platinum trophy — though, we imagine it would be nice to have the percentage sitting at a lovely 100% instead of an incomplete percentage. Just Dance 2020 only has three trophies that require access to the server, so if you can grab them (or if you already have) you will be fine and still able to obtain the platinum trophy after the server closes.

Key ArtBabylon's Fall is about to leave us forever!

We will have more unobtainable platinums and trophy lists in the future when the DeathVerse Let It Die trophies get suspended, the Knockout City servers close, and the WWE 2K22 trophies become void due to its server closure. You have a little bit longer to work on all of those trophy lists, though it can't hurt to get a head start if you are feeling inclined!

Make sure to check out our unobtainable PS5 platinums and unobtainable PS Plus platinums guides to see more broken trophy lists. What do you think of these server closures? Have you managed to snag any of these trophies? Let us know in the comments down below and we will see you there!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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