Gran Turismo 7 hits apex of PS VR2 release with four-car update

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

Gran Turismo 7's big, free, new update to give the PS5 racer PS VR2 support is coming soon, alongside four new cars.

Update: While there won't be any more Gran Turismo 7 trophies with the next update — there will be plenty of PS VR2 and new car action in the latest free GT7 update available on PS5 on February 20th, 2023.

More Gran Turismo 7 features join with PS VR2 update

The 1.29 update will contain several new features. The most major is PS VR2 support, though the update also includes Gran Turismo Sophy — a scary new driving AI Sony has developed that can and will outpace you on the track if you let the thing unleash its full potential. Perhaps most exciting is the new-old circuit, Grand Valley. Gorgeous vistas dominate a winding, sea-view road that has massive elevation pitches and cheeky corners.

The four added cars are being passed off as five, with the Honda RA272 ’65 F1 car, Italdesign Exeneo Vision GT Street and Off-Road Mode cars, Citroën DS 21 Pallas ’70, and the Porsche 911 Carrera RS (901) ’73. Finally, there is an additional scapes camera option for drifting.

Original Story: One of the best racing games is getting a fresh perspective, as GT7 unleashes a free PS VR2 support update for the PS5 game alongside four mysterious new cars.

Gran Turismo 7 PS VR2 updateGran Turismo 7 PS VR2 update

GT7's free PS VR2 support update incoming

Revealed, as per for Polyphony Games, by game director Kaz Yamauchi, the "big updates are coming next week." One will be for PS VR2, which is one of many PS VR games getting free upgrades. Early reports are that the game is superb in this mode, so keep your eyes on the road for this one.

The second of the two updates will most likely contain four cars teased in the traditional silhouetted image. There is, clearly, a Porsche 911 in the bottom right — which one is proving tricky given the bodywork on every model is reasonably similar. The centre car is probably a GT Visions car — an auto custom-made for GT7 by the developer — so little hope of guessing that one).

Gran Turismo 7Gran Turismo 7's Vision's cars are hard to work out

For the other two, we had to scour the world of the online world of GT7. The Citroen DS is presumably the one in the top right, though GT Planet note that the C-pillar reflections suggest it's likely a DS19 or DS21. Finally, in the bottom left, we have a Honda RA272. It makes a lot of sense, given Polyphony love celebrating their native car heritage and this particular Japanese-made, American-driven F1 car won the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix.

With all that content coming next week, will you be diving into one of the best PS5 games? Are you a big fan of that Honda RA272? Get in the comments if you can't wait either!
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