Syphon Filter Dark Mirror trophies provide a simple PS Plus platinum

By Lee Brady,

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror trophies are now live on PS Plus Premium. Get ready to earn yourself a simple platinum trophy from this PSP classic title.

Update: The Syphon Filter Dark Mirror trophies are now available to try and snatch up. The PSP Syphon Filter game was confirmed as one of the new PS Plus Extra and Premium games for March 2023 — though non-PS Plus players will still be able to purchase the game on the PlayStation Store.

Original Story: We can reveal that Syphon Filter Dark Mirror trophies are now live on PSN, which means the first Syphon Filter PSP game will be coming to PS Plus Premium in the near future — most likely as one of the new PS Plus Premium games for February 2023. Syphon Filter Dark Mirror has 25 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Syphon Filter Dark MirrorSyphon Filter Dark Mirror trophies heading to PS Plus Premium.

Seems like the list of PS1, PS2, and PSP games on PS Plus with trophy support continues to grow. Sony's announcement of the new PS Plus Extra and Premium games for February 2023 seems to have gotten delayed — we were expecting the reveal on the 8th February, 2023. So, it seems, where Bend Studio, who has uploaded the trophy list ahead of the game's actual reveal.

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror's trophies look a little more robust than the usual Syphon Filter trophy list, though there's nothing here that should prove too taxing. Just play and beat all of the game's missions and the platinum is yours — no difficulty settings to mess with, no skill challenges, and no gimmicks. Sounds like it could even make our easiest PS Plus platinum trophies list, given how leisurely it sounds.

We expect the full list of PS Plus Extra and Premium games to go live on the 14th February 2023, unless there's another delay on Sony's part. Note that this might be the censored PS2 version of the game, but given that Sony has not been uploading new PS2 games to PS Plus, we think it's far more likely to be the original uncensored PSP version. We imagine you'll be able to dive into Syphon Filter Dark Mirror's PSP trophies for Valentine's Day — in the meantime, check out the full trophy list below.

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror trophy list

Syphon Filter Dark MirrorGet yourself that fourth Syphon Filter platinum trophy.

Name Description
Make Your Own Fate Unlock all trophies in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror icon
Top Operative Complete all training missions icon
These Are the Coordinates Ellis Sent Complete 'Insertion Point Alpha' icon
Interrogation's Over Complete 'Red Jack' icon
What Is Red Section Doing Here? Complete 'Finding Freeman' icon
Power's Back On Complete 'A Man Without Power' icon
New Uplink Installed Complete 'Freeman's Files' icon
Grounded. Permanently. Complete 'Under NORAD's Nose' icon
That Was a Very Poorly Designed Bomb Complete 'Security Section D' icon
Blood and Oil Complete 'Kreisler's Garden' icon
Dark Mirror Will Kill Us All Complete 'Freeman's Answer' icon
Just Like Old Times Complete 'Old Friends' icon
I Remember a Lot of Things Complete 'Memories' icon
It Couldn't Be That Easy Complete 'Forged Under Fire' icon
You Draw Too Much Attention as It Is Complete 'Traitors in Our Midst' icon
A Broken-Down Building Wont Stop Me Complete 'The Ultimate Sacrifice' icon
Gonna Need a Bigger Gun Complete 'The Trojan Horse' icon
Touchstone and Singularity Complete 'Fist Full of Rubles' icon
His Failure Will Be Expensive for All of Us Complete 'Blood Money' icon
Masters of Our Own Destiny Complete 'Meeting with Fate' icon
Similar Fates Complete 'Into the Abyss' icon
Shock to the System Complete 'Red Section' icon
Destroy It All Complete 'Drowning' icon
The Beginning of the End Complete 'Event Horizon' icon
Let Them Go Complete 'Matter's End' icon
That's it for this PSP trophy list. Certainly is great to be seeing more and more of these as PS Plus goes on. Let us know in the comments if you had a chance to play this nostalgic action game back in the day, and whether you'll be revisiting it for a smooth PSP platinum trophy. If you need help wrapping your head around Sony's subscription scheme, check out our PlayStation Plus guide for more information.
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