PlayStation Stars sure has a lot of broken campaigns right now

By Lee Brady,

PlayStation Stars has had a consistent problem with confusing or broken campaigns, and the latest round of additions certainly hasn't eased players' misgivings towards Sony's new loyalty scheme.

PlayStation Stars campaigns are perhaps the best reason to sign up for Sony's loyalty scheme. Earning collectables and points towards free games make for some mighty big incentives, and of all the features listed in our PlayStation Stars guide, campaigns are definitely the most fun. That's why it's such a shame that the latest PlayStation Stars campaigns keep breaking and driving people crazy.

Broken PS Stars campaignsThe broken PS Stars campaigns are getting out of control.

The latest PlayStation Stars campaigns have been confusing and broken

There's no worse feeling than having a PS Stars campaign not show up on the PS App, or for it to offer misleading advice — especially when it means you wind up missing PlayStation Stars collectables. It's a problem that has dogged Sony's loyalty scheme since the beginning, but even recently there have been a myriad of confusing or missing campaigns for PS Stars members to agonise over.

As one recent example, there is the February PS Plus Essential campaign "Your PlayStation Plus monthly games await." Not only did this campaign upload early to PlayStation Stars and leak Destiny 2 for PS Plus, but it was then suddenly removed from the app entirely earlier in the week. Then it was re-uploaded after the new PS Plus Essential games for February 2023 went live, but instead of letting you complete the campaign with any of the four games offered, the campaign limited the player's options to Destiny 2 Beyond Light. This was messy, but it might have stopped being a problem there had that even worked for most players, but plenty of Resetera users are reporting issues with getting Destiny 2 Beyond Light to register in the PS App.

Missing PlayStation Stars CollectablesSome of the missing PlayStation Stars collectables.

There is also the baffling "Game Catalogue: must play this month (can you feel the love?)" campaign in PS Stars, which is like a perfect storm of problems. To complete the campaign, you need to first deduce four short hints, then download and play all four games on PS Plus Extra. This works fine for all but one of the games — Life is Strange. As TT community's darkjian92 helped deduce for us, the solution for this campaign is to not play the PS Plus Extra listed Life is Strange Complete Season but to download Life is Strange Episode 1 separately from the rest of the title and play that.

There's absolutely no hint that PS Stars members would need to be this picky with their version of Life is Strange on the PS App, and that's even if they actually deduce that the game they're supposed to be playing is Life is Strange in the first place. The first episode of the game is rather tucked away for most PS5 and PS4 players and is bound to result in fresh calls for a PS Store redesign, and even then players are finding that Life is Strange Episode 1 sometimes just doesn't complete the campaign for them!

PS StarsA new broken campaign emerges!

These are just two examples in a long list of frequently broken PS Stars campaigns. At least the two PS Plus campaigns are showing up in people's PS App. Time after time, players have failed to register for the hidden "PlayStation and You" campaigns, missing a chance to add the excellent black PlayStation Pocket or the phat original PlayStation 3 console to their collections. For a recent example, the new folding@Home collectable isn't registering easily at all for players who have used to app on PS3. Fans have worked tirelessly to figure out what does and doesn't cause a campaign to register, but most of the time we're left guessing and Sony has failed repeatedly to make it any easier for folks by simply telling us what metrics we should be looking out for.

It's a pity that Sony can't seem to get a handle on this transparency, as PlayStation Stars has otherwise been a rather successful new addition to the PlayStation family for fans. Even if it's just for the sake of some meaningless collectables, we know better than most that there's no agony greater than a trophy failing to register — it's the same experience with PlayStation Stars campaigns. Let us know in the comments if any particular PS Stars campaigns are causing you issues, and join us in hoping Sony eventually get on top of these issues.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
Staff Writer Lee loves to write about classic PS1 games on PS Plus, examining the game design of upcoming PS5 games like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Like a Dragon Ishin, and his shameless love of Sonic, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts games. He's also your resident PlayStation Stars guy.
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