Another free-to-play game’s platinum trophy will soon be unobtainable

By Sean Lawson,

Another day, another failed live-service game. Knockout City is the latest free-to-play title to fall victim to server closures, with the game set to be erased from PS5 and PS4 PS Stores later this year. Grab those trophies now.

The Knockout City trophies will become unobtainable on June 6th, 2023 when its servers are scheduled to close. This follows a slew of announcements for games that are in a similar predicament. Knockout City joins the likes of Rumbleverse, Babylon's Fall, and Deathverse Let it Die, which are all scheduled to have unobtainable trophies once the servers are turned off for good. Check out our unobtainable PS5 platinums guide to stay in the loop of what games to avoid.

Make sure to grab these Knockout City trophies while you still can!Make sure to grab these Knockout City trophies while you still can!

The Knockout City platinum trophy will be unobtainable on PS5 and PS4

The announcement was made on the official Knockout City website, where developers Velan Studios revealed the sad news. Unlike Rumbleverse which lasted six months and Deathverse that only lasted three months, Knockout City has been chugging along for over two years now — just over a year on PlayStation consoles — and can be proud of this accomplishment in such a saturated market.

If you plan on tackling the Knockout City trophies and earning the platinum trophy 'Completionist' before the servers shut down, you best be prepared to put in the leg work required. The platinum sits with a meagre 0.1% completion on PSN, proving that this is one time-consuming and tedious venture indeed. There are many trophies that require obscene and difficult tasks to be completed, a plethora of victory-based trophies, and many other skill-dependant trophies. Thankfully you do have a good few months left to try and earn this platinum trophy.

knockout city free trial ps4Will you be gunning for this rare platinum trophy?

It's worth noting that Knockout City was actually given away to PS Plus subscribers back in November 2021 before the game went free-to-play — meaning many of you may have the title on your trophy lists. There we have it, another live-service game set to fall by the wayside. It appears that 2023 is not the year for live-service games as with each passing week another title in the free-to-play catalogue fades into obscurity. It feels as though we are all now just waiting for another live-service game to announce it is exiting the premises.

Are you a fan of Knockout City? What do you think is the next live-service game to go? Make sure to check out our best free-to-play games guide for titles that aren't currently scheduled to close down. Let us know all your thoughts and feelings down below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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