You have one month left to platinum Babylon's Fall on PS5, PS4

By Sean Lawson,

Babylon's Fall is about to, well, fall as the server closures draw ever near with each passing day. You don't have much time left to earn all the Babylon's Fall trophies and secure yourself a soon-to-be unobtainable platinum.

The Babylon's Fall online servers are set to close soon, leaving you with a small window to snap up any outstanding trophies. It looks as though we are set to lose two live-service games this month as the Rumbleverse online servers will also be closing down. This means it's now or never to earn that Babylon's Fall platinum trophy on PS5 and PS4 — literally.

Babylon's Fall is about to take a hiatus... permanently.Babylon's Fall is about to take a hiatus... permanently.

This is your last chance to earn Babylon's Fall platinum trophy

The Babylon's Fall servers will close on February 28th, 2023. Though you may not have even started the game yet, there is still time to snatch the platinum before it goes extinct. The game takes around 30-40 hours to platinum — which is the length of time it took me to accomplish — and is certainly doable in the time frame you have left. The trophy list is pretty simple. The tedious trophies come in the form of 'Novice Jeweler,' 'Novice Armorer,' and 'Novice Blacksmith' which require you to grind over and over on the same repetitive levels to find materials that you will need to max out your gear for each trophy.

The platinum trophy 'Platinum Sentinel' is currently sitting with a completion rate of 9.6% on PS5 and 10.2% on PS4. These numbers keep crawling up each passing day as more and more players scramble to finish the game while they still can. Most trophies will be earned naturally by playing through the game and experimenting with different weapons and load-outs. I recommend getting a guide out to try and make things as speedy as possible if you are planning to tackle this game ahead of its closure.

Key ArtAnother platinum trophy bites the dust!

How do we feel about Babylon's Fall and its swift closure? Feel it had more to offer? Or was the game always going to be a flop no matter what Platinum Games added to it? Have you managed to snag the platinum trophy? Sound off in the comments with all your thoughts and feelings!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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