Forspoken guide: The best starting support spells to prioritise

By Sean Lawson,

Forspoken has many spells to offer those that are willing to dive on into this magical action RPG. So many in fact, it may be hard to prioritise your Mana points in an effective manner. That's where we come in to guide you.

Forspoken houses over 105 spells that players can utilise in the midst of the high-octane battles around the vast fantasy lands Athia. Despite the criticisms we had in our Forspoken review, the combat always shined. Due to the volume of spells and because so little Mana is available to start with, we'll help point you in the direction of the best support spells in Forspoken and which you should prioritise first.


The best spells and powers in Forspoken

By the time you finish Forspoken, you'll have access to over four different sets of spells that you can quickly switch between in the heat of battle. When it comes down to it, every spell has its uses in battle and what you may find useful could differ depending on your particular playstyle. We are by no means saying that you must prioritise these spells, we are just pointing out that these spells have a lot of uses and benefits to warrant them being the ones you should focus on first.

Mana is primarily earned from levelling up Frey, but you can also find Mana littered around the world of Athia that you can pick up. The Monuments of Wisdom — which house a variety of challenges for you to complete — will also provide you with Mana on the first completion.

If you want to know more about all the spells you can utilise in Forspoken, make sure to check out our spells and powers guide that covers all 105 spells available in the game.
ForspokenFrey's Magic is your first skill tree and will sustain you throughout most of the game!

Frey's Support Magic

Frey's spells are pretty robust, with powers to help you out in a plethora of situations. Are you overwhelmed? Use Bind. Is health running low? Use Tendril. Want some assistance? Use Disperse. There really is a spell for every occasion here, but, which ones are worth that extra bit of dedication? Let's take a look.

Tendril, in my opinion, is one of the best spells to have in your back pocket out of any of the skill trees. In Forspoken, you are going to get your ass handed to you a lot... like a lot, a lot. Tendril is the perfect spell to counteract all of the damage you'll be receiving while also giving you a little bit of breathing room. Tendril is an area-of-effect attack that whips around you hitting multiple enemies at once. Enemies will sometimes be knocked down from the impact, but, most importantly, you will heal for a portion of the damage you inflict. Trust us when we say that Tendril is incredibly beneficial to your survival as enemies can hit you hard. Once you upgrade Tendril you can deal more damage and heal for more in the process.

Disperse provides you with a flowery companion that can inflict high volumes of damage. This damage can be increased further if you choose to upgrade this spell — which we recommend doing as soon as possible to achieve the maximum benefit Disperse provides. Disperse is particularly good at hitting enemies that are slightly out of reach of Frey's magic — like those pesky flying enemies. Disperse will also help you take down many bosses more effectively, dealing damage to them when you aren't necessarily able to. Good spell, very good spell.

Burrow doesn't provide any uses in combat, instead, it's a bog standard support spell that can make your life just that bit easier. As you traverse Athia you will come across a lot of loot — tons of it — and you will very quickly find yourself overwhelmed or unenthusiastic about collecting every material that drops. That's where Burrow comes in to help. Burrow will sweep a large area and pick up any materials and loot that it comes across, making your life a hell of a lot easier in the process. It may not sound all that important, but trust us when we say that this will become one of your most used spells after a short while with the game.

Prime is a spell that is perfect for inflicting massive damage on a large group of enemies, whilst also providing you with the opportunity to catch your breath. Prime is basically a landmine that you place on the ground and lure enemies towards, luring a huge group of enemies will see them be obliterated and flung into one another, inflicting even more damage. Levelling this spell up only further increases its potential and is well worth the investment.

ForspokenGet ready to burn the world with Sila's Magic!

Sila's Support Magic

Sila's Magic is all about getting up close and personal with your enemies, inflicting quick and firey combos to bring the fight to a swift end. There are some useful moves nestled up in Sila's skill tree and those are the ones we recommend prioritising first.

Bombardier will turn any enemy into a ticking time bomb, exploding once they make contact with the ground or an enemy close by. This is a fantastic move that gives you space if you find yourself overwhelmed or to obliterate enemies in a similar fashion to how Prime does. Once upgraded this spell can be a real lifesaver and bring fights to a quick end allowing you to explore Athia to your heart's content.

Crucible will engulf a small area of the battlefield, creating a firey prison that increases your damage whilst you remain inside of it. Enemies that are weak to Sila's Magic type will go down quicker and any enemies that wander into the flames will take damage. It's a great spell for separating the weaker enemies from the strong ones and allows you to pick off your prey with ease. Crucible is a great spell that you will want to utilise.

Firetrap works like a mini version of Sila's Surge magic, conjuring up a puddle of lava that inflicts damage over time to any enemy that steps into it. It's a great spell to have in your arsenal and you can deal a nice amount of damage with it. In confined areas is where this spell shines as enemies will stumble into it and at times just kills themselves without you having to lift a finger — other than the one needed to cast the spell in the first place.

ForspokenPrav's Magic can dominate in a pinch

Prav's Support Magic

Prav's Magic grants you the ability to conjure up water-based spells in combat. Of all the spell trees Frey gains access to, Prav's is probably the slowest of the four when it comes to base attacks. However, when it comes to support skills, Prav's Magic has some incredibly heavy hitters that you'll want to unlock pronto.

Naedre is a great skill that stays active for a surprisingly long amount of time, poisoning enemies in your surrounding area. Enemies will lose life rapidly, as well as take damage from the snake's attacks it shoots out periodically. The spell is worthy of being one of the first spells you decide to unlock when you are granted Prav's Magic, as you can kill enemies quite speedily thanks to how the poison can drain certain enemies' life in seconds.

Eagre is kind of the counter-opposite to Sila's spell, Crucible, which pushes enemies around away instead of enclosing them in a small area with you. From my personal experience, no enemies with immune to this attack, meaning if I was overwhelmed I could quickly catch my breath by knocking them all far away from me and in some cases even killing enemies in the process. This is fundamentally one of the best skills in Prav's spell tree and would be the one I suggest prioritising first and foremost.

Oubliette is a ferocious move that encapsulates enemies inside of a giant ball of water and damages them over time. The only enemies it can't contain are bosses who are all immune to being trapped inside — though, they will still take damage if hit with the attack. If the suspended enemy is attacked whilst still inside the ball of water, the sphere will erupt and causes the water (and enemy) to come cascading down, dealing AoE damage to any enemies in the vicinity. Oubliette is powerful, cool, and incredibly useful in a pinch. Make sure you acquire this one as soon as possible to be able to reap the benefits it grants.

ForspokenTime to get electrified

Olas's Support Magic

Olas' Magic shines best with its main spells that fire different kinds of projectiles at any trackers that are embedded in enemies close by. Though, that isn't to say that Olas's support skills can't offer you some handy moves to whip out in the heat of battle. In fact, Olas's spell tree as a whole is stellar and worth the investment. The biggest shame with this particular set of skills is how close to the end of the game you acquire them.

Projection fires a giant electrical spear at enemies that can pierce through them and hit anything else in its path. It's not the strongest spell you'll have in your arsenal but it's fast and can take out some of the weaker enemies in one hit — especially if they are weak to Olas's Magic. It's a handy skill to have at the ready and worth the mana it costs to unlock.

Compulsion summons three slow-moving, yet frightfully large mines that ominously float around the battlefield and which explode once they come into contact with any enemies. These work similarly to how Prime works, except these mines aren't stationary. The damage inflicted is not something to scoff over and due to the size of the mines, it's very hard for enemies to not set them off. These are a perfect place to start expanding Olas's support skills in our opinion and should set you up for many successes in the battles to come.

Sublimation is the only buff that actively heals you. The healing factor is quite low; however, when paired with a skill like Tendril it can be highly effective in keeping your life at a nice stationary balance — coming in particularly handy when fighting bosses and abominations that are littered around Athia. The world of Athia is a dangerous one, so why wouldn't you want the extra healing benefits that this spell offers?

That brings us to the end of this guide in helping you decide on which support spells to prioritise first in Forspoken. As stated before, this is in no way what you have to do, but is just an overview of what spells we find personally effective after earning the platinum trophy 'Forspoken.' What do you think of the game? As bad as a lot of reviews have made out? Or were you pleasantly surprised once you dove on into it? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings down below!
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