Powerwash Simulator and FF7 unite in free PS5, PS4 DLC this March

By Lee Brady,

Powerwash Simulator is getting free Final Fantasy 7-themed DLC — known as the Midgar Special Pack — for PS5 and PS4 this March.

Update: If you're almost done cleaning up those Powerwash Simulator trophies, then good news — the Final Fantasy VII crossover DLC for Powerwash Simulator arrives March 2nd, 2023. That means it won't be long until we're celebrating one of the best PlayStation JRPG series the only way we know how — by powerwashing it.

Original Story: Powerwash Simulator just arrived on PS5 and PS4 alongside the free Tomb Raider Powerwash Simulator DLC, and already the designers have their eyes set on another gem in the PS1's gaming crown: Final Fantasy 7. Powerwash Simulator and Final Fantasy 7 crossover DLC will release later this year, setting itself up instantly as the most anticipated add-on of any 2023's upcoming PS5 and PS4 games — yes, Cyberpunk included.

Final Fantasy 7 x Powerwash SimulatorFinal Fantasy 7 x Powerwash Simulator free DLC.

Powerwash Simulator free DLC features Cloud Strife's bike and Tifa's bar

Detailed here by Gematsu, Powerwash Simulator PS5 and PS4 players will be tasked with cleaning iconic locations and objects featured in Final Fantasy VII Remake. These will include Cloud Strife's Hardy-Daytona motorbike, Tifa Lockhart's Seventh Heaven bar, and even the game's first boss, the robotic Guard Scorpion. No PS5 or PS4 release date has yet been announced, but expect this DLC in 2023.

We can also see via the art teasing the FF7 x Powerwash Simulator DLC a shot of the Shinra Building's museum, which was recently featured in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. If featured, that means we could be cleaning the iconic Shinra Hauler SA-37 — AKA the little blue car the gang use to leave Midgar in the original Final Fantasy 7 — and maybe even the model of Cid's rocket. If your blood isn't pumping at the idea of cleaning virtual FF7 iconography, we simply will never understand each other.

Final Fantasy 7 x Powerwash SimulatorWell, I understood the part about "second DLC" and "new collaboration." I was in seventh heaven for the rest.

If you're wondering why any of this is happening, it's worth noting that quaint casual PS5 game Powerwash Simulator was funded and published by Square Enix Collective, the indie gaming wing of Square Enix. This explains why there's Tomb Raider DLC as well, given that IP was briefly owned by Square Enix. Let us know in the comments what Square Enix-themed Powerwash Simulator DLC you want to see next, and why it's Kingdom Hearts.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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