PSVR 2 showcase reveals six new games and three free upgrades

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

A new PSVR 2 showcase happened last night, courtesy of virtual reality bigwigs Perp Games. In the showcase for PS5's newest bit of kit, we got to see free upgrades to some of the best VR games as well as new titles.

The PSVR 2 launch games lineup ahead of release on February 22nd, 2023 looks absolutely stacked, and publisher Perp Games has just held a conference announcing even more games, PSVR 2 free upgrades, and upcoming projects are on the way. Here is every announcement and new game from the PSVR 2 showcase from Perp Games.

These upcoming PSVR 2 games will help you suss out what your timeline will look like.

The PSVR 2 Perp Games showcase — everything announced and detailedThe PSVR 2 Perp Games showcase — everything announced and detailed

New PSVR 2 game announcements


Madison is a horror game from developer Bloodious Games that has destroyed a few players' sanities previously on PS4 and PS5. The game will be getting an all-new PS VR2 version — it appears to be a full dedicated VR2 release as it adds a VR moniker at the end of its name. The devs had said to stay tuned for more updates, though 2023 was later confirmed — we will let you know when more is out there!

Desperate Vladivostok

This bullet-hell VR game with cell-shading, enemies in masks, and scantily clad women was announced for PSVR 2 during the show. Combos galore pop up on screen across two different game modes and 46 different scenarios, making Desperate Vladivostok a good stop on the VR road for fans of on-rails shooters. It's also getting a physical edition.

Afterlife VR

Afterlife is coming for PSVR 2 at some point in 2023, full of horror and mental hospitals and weird patients and characters. It will also contain puzzles and different AI for every enemy. The game is already out for the other VR units on Steam, but when the PS5 version lands for PSVR 2 we are sure a few upgrades will be made. No other news here, just that it is in the works.

Ghosts of Tabor

Maybe we are more simple than we thought, as Ghosts of Tabor showing off its survival shooting in a barrage of loud gunfire and action-heavy scenarios has us quite intrigued. The game is multiplayer-orientated and set in the post-apocalypse, with survival being key as monsters hunt you and your pals down as you attempt to scavenge every box available. Outside of various improvements to your base, expanding maps, and loot pools, the developer is adding a new AI human faction that will show up in the game. PSVR 2 launch is set for Q3, 2023 in beta form.

VR Skater

Ladies and gentlemen and everything in between — VR Skater looks freaking dope, dude. Announced at the showcase for PSVR 2, this fun virtual skater should be coming Summer 2023 if development goes to plan. It's a street skating game for VR in which you can use your hands to mimic feet to flip the board in certain ways. Combos and the expected music abound, as well as the practice mode for perfectionists. You can customise your board, too.

Free upgrade announcements for PSVR 2

Synth Riders

PSVR 2 is also getting the rhythm, music, and ball-spinning game Synth Riders as a free upgrade from PSVR and as a launch game arriving on February 22nd, 2023. The game will also see a physical release on March 17th for PS5. It's a highly rated game and we highly recommend this one if you are picking up a PSVR 2 headset. Also, multiplayer is in now. Dance away, baby.

Song in the Smoke Rekindled

We got a better look at this new version of one of the best PS VR games. The developers all call this not only a remaster, but an ultimate version of the game as they show off some of that gorgeous survival gameplay. The teleport mode has been binned off for this version as well, though we're sure you can turn it back on if required. There is some eye-tracking stuff to help you climb and direct yourself. This will be a free upgrade — dope!

Cave Digger 2 Dig Harder

Cave Digger 2 Dig Harder is a VR game that came with the first version of Sony's headset. The game is set in a weird version of the Wild West with eldritch creatures at every turn. You can play solo or with friends to get that FPS co-op fix. It's coming to PSVR 2 on launch day, February 22nd, 2023. Better graphics and frame rate, as well as PSVR 2 feature support like eye-tracking for your in-game friends, will help elevate this version of the game — also it's a free upgrade for previous owners!

What did you think of the showcase? Looking forward to PS VR2? Let us know in the comments below, team, and see you there!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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