One-star reviews double for HBO's The Last of Us after two men kiss

By Sean Lawson,

It may be the 21st century, but the recent slew of negative reviews towards HBO's The Last of Us is proof we still have a ways to go. What caused this huge uproar? Two men kissing. That's it, that is all it was.

Episode three of HBO's The Last of Us is being praised by viewers and critics alike as a cinematic masterpiece. The series is proving why The Last of Us is one of the best PlayStation games of all time. The episode is an emotional rollercoaster from start to end, harrowing, and beautifully crafted. Despite all of these accolades, some The Last of Us viewers have resorted to leaving one-star reviews after two men kissed in the episode.

Despite the episode being hailed as a cinematic masterpiece, people couldn't look past the fact two men kissed.Despite the episode being hailed as a cinematic masterpiece, people couldn't look past the fact two men kissed.

HBO's The Last of Us comes under fire from homophobes after two men kiss

Taking a look at IMDB, you can see that The Last of Us has 3721 one-star reviews, which equate to 3.1% of the total ratings for the show. Jumping back in time with the Wayback Machine before episode three aired, you can see that the one-star reviews sat at 1804, equating to 2.0% of the total ratings at that time.

There is something both hilarious and depressing that people found this kiss more offensive and scary than the kiss that happened in the previous episode — no spoilers, but let's just say that the earlier kiss was a genuinely traumatic watch. Yet, that episode was praised by nearly everyone (homophobes and all) and has a rating of 9.3% on IMDB. Episode 3 has dropped straight down to 8.3%, now housing the lowest rating of the series so far... we wonder why that is.

The Last of Us Part 1 came to PS5 with a muted response... until now!Ellie is laughing at you and your tiny minds

You can check out some of the reviews over at IMDB down below that showcase the drama queens reacting to the revelation that gay people exist. Just a reminder before we showcase the finest of humanities dolts, Bill and Frank were gay in the game too. We want to warn you that you're about to get a migraine from the sheer stupidity of these comments.

Idiot reviewer number one: "The whole episode is disgusting sexual scenes that violate common sense, distort the real story, and lack of commitment to the game in the simplest things. A series that relies on passing misguided ideas that contradict human nature will not succeed."
Ah yes, it is we — gay people — that are distorting the story of The Last of Us with our ridiculous plotlines that don't make sense in a world that is overrun with zombies that have Venus Flytraps for heads. Also, sorry to break it to you, but HBO's The Last of Us is dominating the world right now and we doubt a few upset homophobes will be able to change that trajectory.

Idiot reviewer number two: "This episode is clearly propaganda for political correctness, forcing gay elements into the series. Although there are also gay elements in the game, but it is handled well in the plot of the game, which will not make people feel uncomfortable, but make people cherish this emotion, especially in the post-apocalyptic situation."
So, there are gay elements in the game (which you acknowledge) — Part II and Left Behind are brazen whereas Bill and Frank are more subtle — yet somehow these same elements are forced into the TV show? Please make it make sense, sir, ma'am, or whomever you are as this review is dumb.

The Last of Us Part II E3 ScreensWatch out homophobes, some scary lesbians are coming your way!

Idiot reviewer number three: "Let's invent and distort the original story to pander to a small subset of society. This completely ruined the episode by inventing a storyline that completely deviates from the original story."
Bill and Frank were gay in the game and the series decided to expand on this, just like it did with Ellie's mum's arc in the previous episode. Let me guess: that didn't bother you at all despite it deviating from the original story, as well? Hmm, I wonder, could you be... a homophobe? Probably, nay definitely, yes.

Idiot reviewer number four: "I'm not gonna say anything but obviously, most people would relate to what I'm trying to say, this is getting out of hand. Unfortunately, I'm dropping this show because it's disgusting."
"I'm not gonna say anything" should have been where you ended your review. Instead, you decided to say something and prove what kind of small-minded and easily offended person you are.

The Last of Us Part IIEllie is unimpressed by the reviews and is contemplating revenge

Infected reviewer: "I'm so disappointed I actually feel physically sick."
Oh no, it looks as though this one is infected. Everyone, it's best to keep your distance from them just to be safe.

Idiot reviewer number five: "Why do you have to squeeze in the dirty agendas? We cannot find a "normal" show to watch with our kids and family anymore, I don't have any issues with the LGBT, but at the same time, I don't like the fact that it's on every TV show and movie and has been for almost a decade now!"
Okay, this hurt my head to read. You want a 'normal' show to watch with your kids... well, The Last of Us? Really? It is definitely not the correct choice. You talk about how you don't like the fact we are appearing in more and more TV shows... but my god, it's almost like gay people exist and have done since the beginning of time. You're dumb.

The Last of Us Part 1 is the Players' Choice Award.The Last of Us is dominating right now

There are so many things wrong with these reviews, from wanting a 'normal show to watch with their kids' or people being upset that the gay character from the game is, well, gay. We dread to think what people will do when they find out about Ellie and the kind of people she is attracted to — spoiler alert, it's women. Now that we have collectively lost our brain cells reading those abhorrent reviews, let's end this article on a positive note, shall we? Since the episode aired the ten-star ratings have increased from 63,724 to 80,370, which is a mighty fine increase and has restored a little of my faith in humanity — but only a little.

What do you make of this situation? Surprised to see so many idiots crying and throwing their fists in the air? How are you finding the HBO show so far? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings down below.
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