Sony teases Nathan Drake’s daughter for Uncharted 5 (or we’re crazy)

By Lee Brady,

Sony's latest PS5 ad seems to tease a potential Uncharted 5 — one that stars a younger female protagonist rather than the series' original lead Nathan Drake. Could this hint be setting us up for a new Uncharted hero?

Sony has launched a new ad showing off the best PS5 games available on its newly restocked console, luring fans in with cameos from their favourite PlayStation Studios all-stars like Aloy, Ratchet, Gran Turismo driver, and Kratos. One name absent from that list is Uncharted's Nathan Drake. Instead, it very much seems like Sony is teasing Cassie Drake for a potential Uncharted 5.

New PS5 ad contributes to Uncharted 5 rumour mill with Cassie Drake tease

The new Sony ad, titled "Live from PS5," features two short clips of a setting that looks very much like something straight out of an Uncharted game. In the first clip, a young woman can be seen holding a flaming torch and approaching a stone pedestal in a cave, atop which rests a treasure box. In the second clip, the woman blows dust off the box as she leans in to pick it up.

Perhaps we're reading a little bit into things — there are plenty of news reporters dealing with the rampant PS5 characters in the video, and this woman could be one of them — but we can't help but think this is a little pre-emptive tease in light of all those Uncharted reboot rumours going around. PlayStation Studios Visual Arts are rumoured to be taking the reigns of Uncharted, with assistance from Naughty Dog on the next game's development.

Uncharted 5One of the Uncharted-looking clips from the PS5 ad.

Fans have long speculated that a game set post-Uncharted 4 A Thief's End might star Nathan Drake's daughter, Cassie. So, unless Sony was feeling exceptionally cruel when it cast a young white woman in Nate's place for this PS5 ad, we think this might be a gentle hint of what's next for the Uncharted series. Of course, the next Uncharted game has yet to even be officially announced, so consider this wild speculation on our part — at present, Uncharted 5 is just an idea of something that exists in our hearts.

Let us know whether you think this was a solid Uncharted 5 tease or just a hilarious ruse by Sony in the comments. Also, please accept our apologies if you haven't played Uncharted 4 in the seven years since launch and are only finding out that Nathan Drake has a daughter. Hopefully, you'll forgive us when a future Uncharted PS5 trailer starring a young woman launches and this revelation has saved you some confusion.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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