Claim your missing PlayStation Stars collectables by calling support

By Lee Brady,

If you're missing PlayStation Stars collectables because a campaign didn't appear on your PS App, even though you should have been eligible, players have been able to redeem their lost collectables by calling Sony's support line.

Earning PlayStation Stars collectables has been an enjoyable activity for PS5 and PS4 owners, with the rotation of free PlayStation Stars campaigns helping to keep things interesting. However, certain players are missing PlayStation Stars collectables due to errors on Sony's end, and if it sounds like this might have affected you, several reports suggest you might just have to reach out to PlayStation Support.

Missing PlayStation Stars CollectablesSome of the Missing PlayStation Stars Collectables.

How to reclaim missing PlayStation Stars collectables via PlayStation Support

As PSSCollectibles showed us on Twitter, they were able to get in touch with PlayStation Support and claim three previously missing collectables from their collection: the PlayStation Home collectable, the PS3 slim collectable and the black PocketStation collectable. Eligibility for all three of these collectables, and their corresponding campaigns, differ dramatically — yet this user was able to claim them all.

In another post, PSSCollectibles says: "I never received PS Home trophies, but I did download and roam around a lot before they implemented the trophies which should be enough. I also owned a PS Slim day one and logged into it previously before I made my request." PlayStation Stars seemingly needs a PS3 trophy from PS Home on the player's account to make them eligible for the campaign, yet this user was able to make a case to PlayStation Support that they had at least played the game, and this was enough to net them to the collectable.

PlayStation Stars PS3 Slimvia Twitter.

The black PocketStation collectable is seemingly a limited-time reward for users who have reached level four on the PlayStation Stars level system, though this seemingly did not appear for PSSCollectibles, and they were able to claim that one from support. Plus, it seems no one is sure what triggers the PS3 Slim campaign for players, but owning the console was a case strong enough to net that one on the user's account too.

So it seems, so long as you can argue in favour of why you should have been eligible for the campaign, PlayStation Support can help. However, an important suggestion from the user is to use the tiered PS Stars customer service to help with this. This is a tier of customer support only available to level four members on PS Stars — for more information on how to attain that rank, or where to access this level of support, check out our comprehensive PlayStation Stars guide.

PlayStation StarsMan, coloured gems. They've got us.

If you feel you should have been eligible for a campaign and have missing PlayStation Stars collectables, let us know in the comments below — there are a million reasons why a campaign might not have registered, so let us save you a call to Sony down below if you're afraid there's something you might be missing.
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