Destruction AllStars devs jettison Sony to work on Xbox exclusive

By Lee Brady,

Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games, a long-time Sony collaborator and one-time PlayStation Studios hopeful, is now attached as a co-developer to one of the most successful live-service games on Xbox.

Destruction AllStars studio Lucid Games has revealed that it is working with Microsoft-owned Rare on its live-service title Sea of Thieves — an announcement that suggests the independent studio and PS5 live-service contributor is pulling away from long-time collaborator Sony. After reportedly having the Twisted Metal reboot project pulled by Sony, it's not too surprising to hear Lucid Games have moved on.

Destruction All StarsDestruction AllStars just never could get it right for Sony.

Destruction AllStars puts distance between itself and Sony after Twisted Metal mess

The announcement that Lucid Games are working on Sea of Thieves comes via the developer's social media, in which the studio is grateful to be working with the venerable and beloved Rare Ltd: "It’s been incredible supporting them on their thrilling pirate adventure & we can’t wait to see where this legendary voyage will take us!"

Despite a recent Destruction AllStars PS Plus revamp, the developer's PS5 exclusive live-service game never pulled ahead to become one of the best online multiplayer games on PS5, failing to find an audience and evidently losing much of Sony's support. A spot on the dubious PlayStation games line-up leak might have sparked hopes for the team's future, but the Twisted Metal job was rumoured to have moved to Firesprite, these hopes seem to have been dashed.

Destruction All StarsLucid jetting off from Sony's potential roster.

It's a shame we're likely to see much less of Lucid Games — the studio has been by Sony's side since the dawn of the PS Vita. Regardless of Destruction AllStars' lack of commercial success (an issue that reportedly cost the studio the Twisted Metal job), Lucid Games is evidently a remarkably talented collection of developers. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts on Lucid jumping ship are down in the comments below.
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Written by Lee Brady
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