The Callisto Protocol trophies to get lengthy addition with new update

By Sean Lawson,

The Callisto Protocol trophies are about to have a little extra shine coming their way with a free update that brings a new game mode and difficulty setting.

The Callisto Protocol trophies are about to get a new trophy addition with a free update coming on February 7th, 2023. The free update for The Callisto Protocol will include Hardcore mode and New Game Plus. The latter is where the trophy comes into play for this contender for our best PS5 games list — that's right, a singular trophy.

The Callisto Protocol is getting a free update with an extra trophy.The Callisto Protocol is getting a free update with an extra trophy.

The Callisto Protocol to add a single magnificent trophy in free update

Spotted by our sister site TrueAchievements, it looks as though The Callisto Protocol will get a lone trophy added (probably as DLC) for players to collect. The trophy called 'Parole Denied' will be awarded for completing a playthrough on New Game Plus.

At current the trophy value is unknown. However, looking at the fact the trophy is only worth 20 Gamerscore, that would suggest this is at maximum a silver trinket — at a push. That's quite a lot of leg work for such a small payoff, but then NG+ trophies always are. But hey! As long as you're enjoying yourself, that's all that matters.

The Callisto Protocol PS4 trophies had some issues at launch that took two weeks to fix. Hopefully, there will be no such problems this time around and all trophies will sync to PSN without issue. The platinum trophy 'It's Over, Jacob' currently sits with a completion rate of 3.7% on PS5 and 1.8% on PS4.

The Callisto ProtocolThe Callisto Protocol platinum looks inviting

How did you get on with The Callisto Protocol trophies? Did you manage to nab yourself that platinum? Will you be doing another playthrough of this survival horror game? Or will you be giving this single trophy a pass? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings in the comments down below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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