When is the Skull and Bones release date?

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

Skull and Bones is an upcoming open-world pirate adventure from Ubisoft. The live-service title has had plenty of development trouble, but is finally sailing towards a proper release date on PS5.

The Skull and Bones trophies will be yours to plunder when the game releases, but when is that exactly? This article outlines the Skull and Bones release date on PS5 so you can see how it stacks up against all the upcoming PS5 and PS4 games in 2023.

Skull and Bones release dateSkull and Bones release date

When is Skull and Bones releasing on PS5?

Skull and Bones was supposed to release on March 9th, 2023. However, it was delayed for the sixth time by publisher Ubisoft, who outlined a new release window. Skull and Bones will now release between April 2023 and March 2024. The only guidance given by Ubisoft was that it would be an early part of the upcoming fiscal period, giving us that release window. It will come to the PS5 platform only.

The live-service pirate game has been in development for nigh-on ten years at this point and is being led by Ubisoft Singapore. Notoriously, the game has been in deep waters during this time, with struggles to even work out the basic concepts of the game before restarting development. Now it is nearing a release date, you can see the Skull and Bones gameplay.

Skull and BonesSkull and Bones should release in 2023, but could end up in 2024

Could this secretly be one of the best PS5 games? Stay tuned and we'll find out together later in the year.
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