The Legend of Tianding trophies look to give you that Uncharted vibe

By Sean Lawson,

We have just picked up the trophies for The Legend of Tianding, we can expect an epic adventure filled with dips, dives, shoot-outs, and platforming as we make our way to the platinum trophy on PS4 and PS5.

We have just picked up the The Legend of Tianding trophies. There are 26 trophies for 1,320 Trophy XP, none of which are hidden. The Legend of Tianding trophies look to be an action-packed ride as you work towards the platinum.

The Legend of Tianding trophies look to bring the adrenaline!The Legend of Tianding trophies look to bring the adrenaline!

Players take on the role of Liao Tianding a vigilante of Taipei city and wanted by the Japanese authorities. You'll be robbing the rich, feeding the poor, and fighting for justice as Taiwan’s legendary outlaw — which is all based on real-life events. Those of you interested in this title can take comfort in the fact the trophy list for the most part looks relatively straightforward, with a focus on completing everything the game has to offer to earn the platinum trophy 'The Legend.'

One trophy may prove troublesome, however; thanks to it being a difficulty-related trophy (how joyous). 'The Hero of the People' asks players to beat the game on the hardcore difficulty setting, something that could prove to be a real pain when it comes to snatching the platinum. Outside of this lone trophy everything else looks connected to the story and making sure you explore every level to the fullest. One trophy called 'Tomb Raider' has us particularly interested in what we may be getting up to in this interesting-looking title.

The Legend of Tianding trophy list

Name Description
The Legend Unlock all trophies. icon
Hero Arrives Complete the tutorial level. icon
Eat the Rich Defeat Wang. icon
Killing Machine Defeat Nakamura Michiaki. icon
Phantom Kunoichi Defeat Kawajima Kaguya. icon
Death Battle Defeat Chen Liang-Jiou. icon
Divine Retribution Defeat Ding Peng. icon
Final Showdown Defeat Shimada Yunoshin icon
Captain Mustache Help Captain Matsumoto survive the battle at Zhongyi Temple. icon
Dispel Rumors Capture Ching Feng and dispel the rumors. icon
Talk to the Fist Teach Furuyama a lesson. icon
Steal Her Away Help A-Guai safely escape Jiangyue Lou Restaurant. icon
Coward Threaten Li-Hong. icon
Fight Fire With Fire Pretend to be Furuyama and scare Li Hong away. icon
The End of an Outlaw Complete the game. icon
Not Today Liao Tian-ding escapes death. icon
Sewer Rat Explore the entire Dadaocheng sewer system. icon
Urban Explorer Explore the entire military factory underneath the North Police Station. icon
Tour Guide Explore the entire express train. icon
Tomb Raider Explore all of Yaoling Mausoleum. icon
Demon Slayer Obtain the legendary weapon: Demon Slayer. icon
Big Eater Unlock the maximum amount of buns you can carry. icon
Collector Collect all items. icon
Taoist Obtain all talismans. icon
The Real O.G. Listen to the entire Taiwanese traditional folk singing performance at Hokumon Chō. icon
The Hero of the People Complete the game on Hardcore difficulty. icon
The Legend of Tianding is developed by Creative Games & Computer Graphics Corporation and published by Neon Doctrine, and was released on October 31st, 2022. What do you think of this trophy list? Enthralled? Let us know if you'' be snatching up this platinum on release!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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