Every broken platinum trophy on PS5 guide: all unobtainable trophies

A broken platinum trophy on PS5 is the worst feeling for trophy hunters. We have listed all PS5 games with unobtainable platinum trophies.

Every broken platinum trophy on PS5 guide: all unobtainable trophies
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


Update: There have been a few new additions to this list of bugged, broken, and unobtainable platinum trophies. However, there have also been a few trophy list fixes. You can check out all the updates down below!
With all those PS5 games out in the wild, it would be a real bummer — especially for trophy hunters — to stumble upon a broken platinum trophy on PS5 that renders the entire trophy list void. That's why we have curated this PS5 trophy guide of all the unobtainable PS5 platinum trophies, to help you avoid any unwarranted disappointment in your gaming ventures.

At present, there are 39 unobtainable platinum trophies on PS5, as well as 17 discontinued platinums, and nine bugged platinum trophies. We have organized this list in a more digestible manner so you can easily decipher which trophies still have a glimmer of hope of being patched and which are completely lost causes.

Permanently unobtainable platinum trophies

This section will outline all platinum trophies on PS5 that have never been obtainable legitimately and look as though they will remain that way indefinitely. We can keep our fingers crossed for the developers of these games to release patches — but we aren't going to hold our breath. You can also find the list of discontinued platinums due to server closures, bad patches, and unusual circumstances.

Unobtainable platinum trophies

Latest unobtainable platinum trophies
Unobtainable platinum trophies

Discontinued platinum trophies

Latest discontinued platinum trophies
Discontinued platinum trophies

Discontinued trophy lists without platinums

Unobtainable platinums due to bugs, soon to be closed servers, and other strange circumstancesUnobtainable platinums due to bugs, soon to be closed servers, and other strange circumstances

Temporarily unobtainable platinum trophies
These PS5 platinum trophies are kind of an enigma — while these platinums are technically obtainable — they are incredibly buggy and don't usually unlock despite meeting the needed requirements. Attempting any of these games comes with the strong chance that the platinum trophy will elude you for quite some time — maybe even forever.

Some titles in this list have received patches to fix the broken trophies issue, but sadly, the issues are still present. Platinum trophies that will soon become unobtainable due to server closures and other strange issues can also be found in this section.

We added the Forspoken platinum to the guide due to the Forspoken mistranslation in the game that is causing issues for some players hunting the platinum. We have also added Mortal Kombat 1's platinum to the list due to the requirements around a single trophy that makes the platinum unobtainable for months at a time.

Unobtainable platinumsOther unobtainable PS5 trophies

Other unobtainable trophies in PS5 games
Here we have broken trophy lists that don't have a platinum trophy to unlock. The issue is that the completion percentage will never reach 100%, which is equally as bad as an unobtainable platinum trophy. You can also find PS5 titles with broken DLC trophies listed here.

Broken PS5 trophies!All the fixed broken PS5 trophies!

Here we will also list all the games that have wound up having their broken platinums fixed. Sometimes, despite being fixed, bugged trophies might still not unlock for some players due to an old save file. That's why it's good to keep track of formerly broken games, in case these issues still affect your platinum trophy hunt!

Fixed unobtainable platinums and trophy lists

Have you experienced any issues with these trophies listed here? Will you be making sure to avoid these titles going forward? Is there a PS5 platinum trophy you're sad to see on this list? Make sure to check out our unobtainable PS4 platinum trophies for more information! Let us know if there are any more PS5 unobtainable platinum trophies that we have missed!
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